Wild Wolf Slots Android Review

Wild Wolf SlotsFor everyone who loves both wolves and an exciting game of slots their dream slots game is here: Wild Wolf Slots. Made by Red Tap Apps, LLC, this mobile game for Android gives the player the excitement of authentic Vegas style slots in the palm of their hand. Featuring sharp graphics of wolves, bears, and even lions each spin really does have that fancy casino style slots feel to it. For anyone who’s looking for a mobile slots game that mimics the real thing, Wild Wolf Slots will really make a great addition to their game library.

The style of slots is fairly simple in Wild Wolf Slots. The “machine” consists of three rows x five columns which you spin in hopes of lining up the various animal themed symbols. Spinning the slots is fun and easy and can get quite addictive. The game allows you to play using three different templates; one featuring wolves, another featuring bears, and a third featuring lions. This is great for people who crave variety, something even the most hardcore wolf lovers can appreciate. That being said, the nature of the game itself doesn’t change which may put of some people who want more of a variety in game play.

Features and Game Play

The game play for Wild Wolf Slots is very simple and straight forward. You spin the slots and either you win or you don’t. That being said, there are some bonus features that can get you pumped up about the game such as daily bonuses, mega rooms, and also daily free coins. This can be a big incentive to keep playing as it add a sort of multilayered experience that many mobile slots games don’t bother to include. There are also extra free games built in as well to keep players occupied.One unique feature that sets this slots game apart from others is the fact that it has an experience and leveling up system somewhat similar to what you’d find in a multi-player online role playing game such as World of Warcraft. However, instead of earning EXP and leveling up by battling monsters and wizards, the player gets EXP based on how they do playing the slots game. This can get very addictive as one might imagine and in some ways leveling up the player account becomes even more exciting than the actual slots game itself. This sort of meta game really adds a bit of spice to this mobile app.


On the surface Wild Wolf Slots may seem like just another animal themed slots game for Android based mobile devices. However, giving the game a chance will reveal a certain depth and charm that goes beyond simply lining up rows of wolves, bears, and lions for big payouts. The bonuses are a nice touch but the EXP system is what really makes the game something that players will want to come back to again and again when they have a bit of time to pull out their mobile device and play around with the game a bit.The game itself is very simple and easy to get into making it something that players of all experience levels can enjoy for hours. The bonuses, extra rooms, free coins, and other concepts are easy to understand and make use of and the interface itself is intuitive and easy to use. Overall Wild Wolf Slots manages to stand out from the pack thanks to its special features and make a name for itself in the mobile slots genre. The final score for this wolf based slots game is a respectable – 3.5/5.