Titan Slots Free to Play Multi-Slots in One iOS App

Titan SlotsTitan Slots is a free to download multi-slot app available for iPhonea, iPods and iPads supported by iOS Versions 6 and app. Casual slot players enjoy engaging in a set of Greek Mythology -themed virtual Vegas-style slot that brings the experience of hitting Big Wins amounting to millions of virtual coins.

About the Titan Slots Game Play

Presented via a 4-row x 5-column grid, there are seven different virtual slot machines with varying win-boosting attributes. The titles include “Enchanted World,” “Ocean Realm,” “Olympus,” “Valley,” “Silver Age I,” “Silver Age II,” and “Tartarus.” All of which have different characters to unlock in order to access the game.

Starting with Titan Slots’ Valley title, where the main character is a Warrior. Completing a set of ten (10) levels opens up the portal to the next stage. To accomplish that, Titan Slots players have to spin the reels and aim to win as many coins in order to have enough credits to wager on every spin. Otherwise, losing the initial free credits furnished by the free-to-download game necessitates buying additional coins as in-app purchases.

The Valley slot makes use of the Warrior as the Wild Symbol, distinguished as such because it can pose as substitute for any reel-tile in order to complete payline combinations. The image of the Olympus edifice is the Scatter Symbol that activates ten free spins. Valley slot randomly activates a special bonus game in which a player is given the chance to win as many as five (5) million coins.

That is only for starters, as there are other slots with varying styles. Once you succeed in getting past the Valley stage and unlocking the character that serves as key to a portal, you will be able to enter a new stage with other sets of reward-boosting attributes.

The Titan Slot App Features

This multi-slot free game offering from TopGame has great visual appeal, as the graphic illustrations of the Greek-inspired icons are well defined by lines, textures, and colours. Players can activate the slot by placing bets starting at 5,000 coins up to 500,000 coins per spin. TopGame creatively depicts the betting actions by showing coins flying from the Spin pot to the game level meter.

The slot has auto spin feature, pay table and bet modifiers just like the real money online slot games. Pay rules are similar to standard online casino pay systems; such as payouts for wins starting from left to right, payout values based on total bet staked per line, and only the highest win per payline qualifies for payment.

Titan Slots makes a difference with a special mini-reel-within-a-reel. game, which pays for three-of-a-kind symbol combos. Three identical 000 (three zero-combination) appearing consecutively wins a 100x coin multiplier. You can spin the mini reel free and aim to hit the 000 jackpot, which pays up to 5,000,000 coins.

Another playing option available is to use gems in order to get extra free spins. However, you have to use your gems wisely, as those would come in handy for other bonus game features. Nonetheless, if you still need more gems and additional coins, you can get them instantly via in-app purchases, which you can process by clicking on the Gem icon at the top of the slot screen.

This game is rated 12+ but parents who allow their children to play with this slot should take time to explain about games of chance. Make it clear the win outcomes and payout values of the Titan Slot games are not necessarily exact representations of the wins experienced in real money slot gaming.