Super Gorilla Slots Free to Play Multi Slots App for Android Devices 2.3.3 and Up

Super Gorilla Slots Super Gorilla Slots app by Rocket Games delivers a collection of African wildlife-themed, free to play slots that offer huge wins. The app provides slot gaming thrills by way of different game levels, in which various game attributes come into play to increase the chances of winning coin prizes in enormous quantities.

Super Gorilla Slots Game Play

Similar to real money online casino slots, the games are played by placing bets on pay lines. Wins are achieved when identical reel icons appear uninterruptedly in adjacent reels. Some Super Gorilla Slots symbols pay for matched payline combos comprising two-of-a-kind images. Other symbols require at least three (3) to qualify for payline wins.

After downloading and installing Super Gorilla Slots app in your Android device, you will instantly receive 25,000 coin credits to use when staking wagers on every spin. The minimum and maximum number of coins to wager for each spin vary according to game level and status attained as VIP player. Aim to reach higher levels, because each game offers greater wins through the help of special features that are exclusive to each slot game.

Every slot title represents a game level where you have to complete nine (9) stages in order to level up and play with the next stage, or the next slot. Completing each of the nine (9) stages require meeting a set number of spin points, which makes it important for you to maintain enough coin credits to fund the wager you place for each spin.

The first set of Super Gorilla Slots is the Jungle Mode, which commences with the “Gorilla’s Gold.” ¬†You have to level up in order to gain access to three other contents namely, the “Tiger Temple,” “Amazon Princess,” and finally the “Panther Pass,” a Progressive Jackpot Slot. The games in the Jungle Mode feature Stacked Wilds, Shifting Wilds, and Free Spins Bonus Games. Actually, you can expect more Jungle Mode slot games to come around as game additions. The faster you level up, the quicker you get to play with new Super Gorilla Slots as soon as version updates are released.

Super Gorilla Slots The Safari Mode comprises games starting at Level 40, which denotes you have to complete the Jungle Mode game levels before you can play with other titles like the “Cheetah Chase.” The latter has Expanding Wilds and Free-Spins Rounds that make it possible for players to win coin prizes in massive numbers. Followed by the “Elephant Quest,” a slot that pays in folds for payline wins completed with Wild Multiplier symbols. Amass as many coins as you can to fatten up your bankroll. That way you can reach higher game levels where there are more amazing Wilds with different and greater win-boosting capabilities.

Super Gorilla Slot App Features

The app immediately classifies new Super Gorilla Slots players as Bronze VIP members. It requires the collection of a set number of points in order to attain Silver, Gold, Sapphire and Emerald VIP status. Higher status levels grant privileges of unlocking exciting premium slot contents such as “The Snake Charmer” (Silver), the “Volcano Fortune” (Gold), the “Siberian Spirit” (Sapphire), and the “Birds of Paradise” (Emerald).

In case you do not have enough coins remaining to fund your wagers, the app bestows Bonus Gifts of 2,500 free credits in exchange for using your Facebook account to save your Super Gorilla Slots progress. In addition, the Super Gorilla Slots app automatically generates 2,500 coin credits every four hours, which you can claim as fresh funds.

Although Google Play Store has rated this game 12+, parents are still advised to give proper guidance about slot gaming as a game of chance, and that the outcomes of free betting games are not necessarily the same as those that occur in real money online slots.