Slots of Fun App Review

Slots of FunThe slot machine is a staple in the gambling world. Whenever one sees images of Vegas in movies or legendary films about gamblers, the slot machine is the classic get rich quick without losing all my money scheme. The pull of a lever here and you have the chance of winning a ton of money in seconds. Slot machine apps have long striven toward recreating this feeling and all of its thrills, but Slots of Fun is the first app to actually do so. It is somehow capable of recreating the thrill of that experience from the comfort of your handheld device. The thrill of playing is akin to that of actually heading to a casino, without all of the tough looking guys that may or may not have it in for you if you win.

The name of the game itself is worth a look. Slots of Fun is the first app that actually is capable of taking a slot machine game and making it…. somewhat interesting! More than that the game is uniquely designed and a joy to play, there is absolutely no lag time or crude digital design. The multiple themes allow you to savor the game and enjoy watching it work as opposed to mindlessly swiping in order to fulfill some kind of need to win. Slot machine games are not typically interesting, but Slots of Fun has managed to take slot machines apps in a bold new direction that, in all honesty, is quite thrilling to watch.

One of the most exciting features to this app is the tournament feature. Everything is always more fun with a little competition to keep things fresh. Most slot machine apps do not do this, however. One is typically just spinning the machine over and over until it produces the desired outcome. This is satisfying yes, but it is missing something. Other apps that have the tournament feature are unable to accurately replicate the experience provided by Slots of Fun, and typically have a lot of lag or a grainy design that is no fun to look at let alone play one. This problem is not anywhere close to being an issue, as the game has beautiful resolution that permits you to get the most out of the game through stunning visuals that are fun to look at and remind one of the Vegas casinos, in all of their extravagance and splendor.

The many themes are intergalactic, for those who love the idea of playing a slot machine in space, fruity for those who like the idea of playing in a bar with a lot of fruity drinks, elephants and animals for those looking for the wildlife safari feel and puppies for those who just think that slot machines should provide cute things and nothing else. Slots of Fun is truly a game that can be played over and over with all of the different visuals it offers. You will not get bored, and you will not find a better slots app anywhere.