Slots Forever by Grande Games

Slots ForeverSlots Forever, the play for fun casino games app by Grande Games may seem like the typical multi-slot game application. It strives to be different though, as the game’s most recent update (September 28, 2015) saw to the addition of two progressive jackpot games.

Slots Forever also offers live tournaments for not just one but several events, albeit availability and eligibility depend on the Slots Forever player’s current playing level. Occasionally, Slots Forever rolls out special events, offering rewards of extra coins and/or Diamonds. The Diamond Frenzy event for one, awards players with 3x Diamonds for every spin made during 31 minutes of play.

Slots Forever is available to users of smartphones and tablets running on Android versions 2.3 and up. This multi-slots mobile application has been rated 12+ as a free to download game app at the Google Play Store.

Slots Forever Game Features

This app is quite generous with its 100K Welcome Bonus and regular supply of $20K virtual coins every two hours. Every time a player levels up, he or she receives bonus coin rewards starting at 10K. Yet the bonus rewards increase after every leveling up achievement. Leveling up also means greater amounts of maximum bets to stake per spin.

Slots Forever has a continuously increasing collection of nearly 30 slot titles, two (2) of which are readily available to play. The Dragon Wild slot features a jackpot prize that can be won by collecting flames spewed by a fiery dragon. The slot seems to have take inspiration from The Hobbit, as the icons include images that have great resemblance to Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins and Orlando Bloom’s Legolas characters. The Storm Queen, another title available to all players regardless of level achievement, features full-reel Wilds.

The other titles can be unlocked every after four-level achievement, starting with Level 4 to Level 8, 12, 16, 24 and so forth . Unlike other multi-slots apps in which players have to complete a certain number of stages for each title to become available, Slots Forever allows players to carry on with their level up progress whilst playing with any of the unlocked games.

The Slots Forever progressive jackpot contents starts at Level 16, and two more that can be unlocked at Levels 88 and 156.

Slots Forever App Features and Control Mechanisms

Slots Forever app does not require a user to open an account to play with the featured titles. Still, app users who will connect their Slots Forever app to their Facebook account will enjoy extra benefits. Such benefits include receiving additional 50K coins as welcome bonus, in addition to more offers of special gifts. FB-connected app users can send, as well as receive gift to and from their circle of Slots Forever FB friends.

The Home page is clutter free and presents only the Slots Forever titles via a slider menu. Tapping on the featured Dragon Wild and Storm Queen thumbnail icons immediately opens the game. Games that are still inaccessible automatically unlock and becomes available whenever a player reaches the corresponding playing level,. To play the game, users must first place the bet amount they wish to wager per spin.

To adjust the bet amount, app users need only to tap on the Bet Size and the Line buttons to view the different betting sizes and payline options per spin. The app automatically calculates the bet amount. The autoplay feature can be activated by tapping and holding the SPIN button for a while.

Slots Forever has a VIP Program offering reward packages to loyal and avid players. All newbies start as a VIP member at Tier 1 or Copper membership status. Elevating to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status will increase their Bonus Coin rewards, including the extras added to in-app coin purchases.