Slots Farm for iOS

Slots FarmSlots Farm by Games OS Limited is a multi-game app featuring over twenty-six (26) popular Facebook-based slot machine games. The app has recently received upgrade that enable users of iOS 6.0 to iOS9-supported devices to download and install the free Slots Farm app from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Once installed, Slots Farm players can opt to link their app to Games OS’ Facebook page and receive additional coin rewards. As alternative, they can also play as guest without the need to provide any personal information and to play instantly with the “Run, Chicken Run” slot.

Playing the “Run, Chicken, Run” slot will enable players to gain experience points and attain achievements. As players level up in their game, app users will be able to unlock more titles, such as the Aztec Slot, Freaky Fruit, and Freaky Bandit and the rest of the slot games offered by Slots Farm. From time to time, some titles become instantly accessible regardless of one’s playing level, apparently as some kind of special game offer.

One of the benefits of connecting one’s Slots Farm app to Games OS’ Facebook page is the go-to-app functionality. It allows app users to switch easily from the browser-based FB page of the developer, to the app-user’s mobile-based Facebook. Moreover, users of FB-connected Slots Farm app, receive additional 5,000 coins on top of the 500-coin Welcome Bonus. The FB connection likewise enables players to share bonuses as well as send gifts to their circle of fellow Slots Farm players at FB.

Some players might instantly look for the auto play feature, as it is common to most slot machine games. However, all new Slots Farm players must first reach certain game levels before they can access the Auto-Play feature. That way, those still new to the concept of slot machine gaming, will be able to get the hang of how slot games are played, and of how wagers are placed.

More of Slots Farm’s Key App Features

Once the app has been installed in an iPhone or iPad, the Slots Farm User Interface immediately presents a slider menu showcasing the different slot titles.

A pleasing addition to the app’s reward-doling attribute is a mini-slot game that furnishes extra supply of coins.Posing as additional sources of gold coin are the gradually increasing Daily Bonus rewards that players can claim, by playing daily with any of the available titles.

In the event that Slots Farm players want to speed up the process of completing missions and earning points that work toward the attainment of higher game levels, they might consider buying power ups for each game. The “Run, Chicken, Run” slot for one, offers Free Spins, Quick Spins, and Win-Multipliers as win-boosters, albeit available as real money purchases in the virtual market place. An FB-connected Slots Farm app can access the booster using any device. As opposed to guest accounts that could access the boosters, using only the device in which the Slots Farm app is installed.

The most significant attribute that app users love best about Slots Farm is the absence of push notifications or advertisements about other game applications to download. The only notifications appearing during the game are messages about the games unlocked, the missions completed as well as words of encouragement to share one’s achievements at Facebook.