Dreamboard – Dreaming App Review

DreamboardDream logging is an old hobby but technological advances make it a more precise hobby these days with the likes of Dreamboard, a wildly entertaining mobile application available in the iTunes store for free download. This is truly the platform of your dreams if you enjoy keeping track of your night time adventure. Using years of research from the world’s leading psychologists, Dreamboard allows you to log your dreams and analyze them in a whole new way.

Highlights and Features

– Journal your dreams: This is a journal unlike any other. Go deep inside the hidden parts of your mind by keeping a dream diary with Dreamboard. Write all about your nighttime adventures and truly get to the heart of what you’re dreaming about.

– Nightmare analysis: No one likes nightmares but after they’re over, Dreamboard can help you make sense of them. Sleep tracker analysis allows for a wealth of sleep analysis that sheds insight onto what you’re having nightmares about.

– Get emotional: The emotional life of any human being is a fascinating thing to analyze and study. Dreamboard helps you put your emotions on paper so that you understand them more clearly in an organized setting. You can look forward to narration of your “story” as well, which gives you a more concrete way to live out the dreams you have while you sleep.

– Easy recording: It’s easy to record your dreams with Dreamboard. It takes a matter of mere seconds to jot them down on this handy application.

– In-depth analysis: Graphs are a big part of what makes Dreamboard so thorough. They give you an overall clearer picture of the types of dreams you’re having and how they fit into your overall life. It’s an exercise in mixing the realm of waking with the realm of sleep and it makes for a fascinating read.

There’s so much more to explore in this novel application. Nighttime dreams can have waking consequences, so it’s fascinating to sit down and see concrete evidence of the realness of your subconscious life playing out in an application before you. This application is founded upon the solid principles of years’ worth of sleep studies and research, making it as scientifically sound as anything about dreams can possibly be. You’ll love going through your dream stories one by one and looking back over year’s worth of dreams played out on this thrilling application.