Dragon City from iTunes Store

Dragon CityConstructing a play area for pets, feeding them accordingly, and taking care of them can be entertaining, but have you ever thought about owning a pet dragon? Dragon City is a unique application experience where the dragons become you pets, friends, and your trained protectors against enemy forces. Take a deeper look into the sensation that is Dragon City below with a review of the entire experience.

Aspects of Game Play

This app involves progressive game play with many games within the application. You start off the experience being instructed on the basics of the game, some of your objectives, and are given food, virtual gold, and jewels you’ll need throughout the game. You start with one dragon and can breed as many as you’d like with over 300 different species to choose from. You can also build a kingdom or place of living for each individual dragon you acquire through your time spent playing. Feed your dragons to make them level up quickly, name each one you own, and prepare them for battle against other opponents. This application is made available worldwide so that you can train your dragons to battle against anyone you’d like. Battles are simple and involve some strategic decision making as you navigate your way to victory. After playing for periods of time your materials, gold, and other such aspects regenerate. Inactivity does not harm your dragons, so rest assured each night.

In-App Purchases and Compatibilities

Since this application is a progressive game, there are in-app purchases that you can make to speed up certain aspects, such as more experience points, leveling up more quickly, and receiving goods faster than the waiting time period. Game play can still be made fun and efficient without in-app purchases and they are not needed to advance to higher levels, reveal more dragon species, and so forth. Since the application is made available through iTunes, you will need an apple device (phone, tablet, Mac, etc.) or a device that allows for the installation of the iTunes store. The download of either the iTunes store or the Dragon City app do not require any purchases and are available for the consumer free of charge. You can create an account to log in with each time to open your Dragon City app to save progress and moves you have made over time.

Tips and Advice

To advance a quicker pace with leveling up, experience points, and other such bonuses, feed your dragons and harvest materials from the places you have included on your map often. The dragons’ health is the essential area of focus and leveling them up before expanding your kingdom will open up greater opportunities for you later in the game. Battle opponents within the level you are currently at. When going into a battle, make sure to place your weakest dragons first and never enter a battle unless you have at least 3 dragons. Breed a few different types of dragons to diversify the ability to unlock unique cross-breeds and to better assist you in battle formats.


Dragon City is a truly interactive experience that will keep you focused in making sure you are strong enough to conquer any opponents or threats to your kingdom. Building your empire is rather simple and the abilities you have within the app are extremely extensive, leaving nothing lacking from the realm of your imagination. Put your skills to the test today and see if you can build a kingdom that rules the land.