Super Gorilla

Super Gorilla Slots

Super Gorilla Slots offers hours of slot machine gambling excellence from the vicinity of your own home. With this free casino game application, you can scratch that slot machine itch whenever it arises and no matter where you are currently located, as long as you can gain internet access or network support. Super Gorilla Slots provides a unique casino experience for game lovers, and is elegant and pristine to look at.

Created by Rocket Games, this free slot machine application is available on multiple mobile device play stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The visual appeal of the jungle themes slot machines offers an interesting and compelling take on a traditional experience. Instead of having to deal with the same look and feel as other slot machines, you are presented with a tropical experience that puts you right into the heart of the land that the game emulates. You will have your breath taken away from the visualization of the jungle environment, and you can almost taste and smell the plant life around you.

A great feature to Super Gorilla Slots is the ability to play your favorite virtual machines offline as well as online. This feature means that even in the most secluded places in the world, the jungle included, you can try your hand at hitting a jackpot. Each jungle themes slot machine gives excellent payouts, meaning that when you do win, and your chances are fairly high, that you will win big.

Super Gorilla Slots offers an excellent casino experience away from the chaotic atmosphere of a real casino environment. With access to different hand painted high definition backgrounds in areas representing the Mayan rainforest, as well as animal themes such as the Gorilla himself in Gorilla Gold, this game is an experience you will not soon forget.

Super Gorilla Slots is a compelling and visually stunning casino gaming masterpiece that is highly rated and heavily played through the mobile gaming community. Take advantage of this free application today by downloading and playing it on your mobile device. You will not regret the many hours of exciting game play that this game provides for you, and the fact you can play it literally anywhere without the fear of losing your internet connection makes it that much more versatile and functional.

Konami Slots App Review

konami-slotsThe name Konami has been in the gaming community for almost as long as the business itself has existed. They are responsible, as a company, for a number of memorable products such as the Contra series for home gaming systems and a number of action and adventure games. Konami takes a new spin on gaming with its release of Konami Slots, a virtual casino experience that is not only visually stunning but contains an excellent control scheme and offers hours of entertainment to those who are wanting to give it a shot.

Konami Slots offers multiple casino game experiences for you to enjoy, all for free and at your fingertips. You will receive the same experience as you would be visiting Las Vegas, although you can save the gas money or the plane ticket to get there and try your luck at getting a jackpot while sitting on the couch within the comfort of your own home. This level of versatility and fun makes Konami Slots an essential choice for any fans of casino style games, and this probably has a lot to do with why it is rated as one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store and other mobile download networks.

One of the best aspects of Konami Slots is the fact that you can win rewards without having to risk anything yourself. Every game that this application features is free to play, but you can potentially win rewards from restaurants, shows and resorts. The program is constantly being updated with new slot machines, making each time you open it a possible new gaming experience. Every slot machine is designed with vibrant colors and dazzling displays which tantalize your senses and make the gaming experience as quality as possible for you to enjoy.

With the ability to play a potentially endless number of slot machines, rewards from top end shows, events, and restaurants, and the idea that casino gaming can be free and enjoyed in your own home all make Konami Slots the ultimate in mobile casino game entertainment. Download this application today and enjoy the ride!

Cascade from the iTunes App Store

CascadeShowcase your matching skills and talents with the all-new Cascade gaming app from the iTunes App Store. This unique game takes you through 27 different levels that increasingly become more difficult. If you get lost along the way, you have your mole friend to dig you out of a hole. Let’s dig a little deeper into this game and see what makes it so popular.


The game begins on level one with a little instructional display on how the game works and how to play. You go through levels trying to match up colored jewels with their counterparts by switching out the pieces that don’t match. Match three or more to receive points and create a cascade when you successfully match all parts. There are also rainbow colored jewels that can take the shape and form of any of the on your playing board. As the game progresses you will find an increase in number of moves needed to complete a level and an increased number of different colored jewels. You gain credits as you go along which can be used for level upgrades and helping you when you get stuck on a level. The farther you get into the game the more strategic it becomes. Recommended gameplay is for those ages 10 and up, due to increasing difficulties. You can also connect your device with friends and challenge them to timed level competitions and other contests.


This app is made available through the iTunes App store. Download is free and completes rather quickly with a secure connection. You will want to have an Apple device or have a device that will support the use of the iTunes App store in order to play. There are various in-app purchases such as a coins package or an extra lives package. Purchasing the in-app items can be useful in order to succeed in a quicker fashion, but are not necessary to your success in the game.


Do you have what it takes to match all the jewels and get your mole to his desired location? Take the journey today and experience the rush of each level. Enjoy the many bonus features that accompany you in your journey and you’ll have your little friend there in no time at all. Download Cascade today and begin your journey.

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is a real time statistical roulette simulator created and released by FRDSoft in the latter half of 2014. This game is one of the most detailed roulette analysis tools and has many different uses besides entertainment value. You can use this game to figure out statistical combinations that are likely to win in roulette but it is not limited to work usage. This is also a very entertaining game that lets users feel like they are stepping into a casino and up to a roulette wheel to spin for their fortunes. In this analysis we will examine the features of Roulette Pro and go over a quick summary of the game features as well as where you can get it and how much it will cost you if anything.

This game was developed by FRDSoft and it stands apart from the rest of the roulette simulators in some pretty significant ways. This game is meant to be much more than a simple roulette game- it is meant to do statistical analysis of different combinations of roulette bets. Unlike many other games it also has a difficulty setting which goes all the way up from low to high. Over time you will be able to track your hands and even export them to an outside program for later review. While you have many different choices for roulette simulators very few of them reach this level of depth and quality. If you are looking for a way to statistically track your roulette spins this is a top notch choice.

This is one of the pricier roulette apps in the store but it comes with many different features just not found anywhere else. Currently purchasing the app comes at a price of 20.99 which gets you full time access to all of the features of the game. Plug in as many different combinations of spins as you want and track them in real time. The processor on your phone or iPad will be strong enough to do the computations and you can use built in app support to automatically make the results of your findings populate in your Apple email or whatever other email client you are using on your mobile device or phone. This game is pretty much the ultimate in roulette spin analysis. If you have any interest in making your roulette spins better Roulette Pro is a must download.

Buffalo Moon Casino Slot

Buffalo Moon Casino

Slots are one of the most popular games of luck someone can find in casinos all over the world. It is a very simple machine with three or more reels. On each reel there are different signs and when you turn the reel, a combination of signs shown when the reel stops determining what you win (if there is any).

With the development of the modern technologies, mostly Internet, new possibilities were created. One of those possibilities is to download similar games to devices and play without going to the real casino and spending real money. So, for all people that are looking for a game that satisfy those requirements, Buffalo Moon casino slot game is a great choice.

Features of Buffalo Moon Casino Slot Game

All potential players of casino simulations should keep some things in mind. Those games are not created for a player to earn money. Those games can be bought or downloaded for free, a player can get or buy coins to play with, but there is no way to transfer them into real money. And finally, all those which are planning to learn how to play and then use that knowledge in a real game with the real money should know that any potential success in this game is not a guarantee for future games.

All owners of an iPhone, iPad or iPod with an iOS 3.0 or later version, 60 MB of the free memory and 1.99 USD, can get this game without any obstacles. It will take just a few minutes to download a game and then it can be played. Different slots and many possibilities to earn bonuses and multipliers will make a game even more interesting. Players can choose between different games and multiplier combinations to find the one that is the best for their playing style. The moon is in a game for a reason. When it substitutes in a win during the free game, it unlocks a massive multiplier potential. A leaderboard is a good tool for a player to see how good he is comparing to the other players from all around the world.  Good video and audio features will make the game near the real life experience.

Buffalo Moon casino slot game Overall

All slots lovers, no matter if they are beginners or experienced players, can enjoy in playing this game. Video and audio qualities are very high and it will give an experience of the real casino and the atmosphere in it. The advantage of this game is in a fact that it can be played anywhere and anytime. It only takes some free time. Players should only be careful not to overdrive with playing since it can be quite addictive and appealing. Besides that, this game is a great way to make all those boring moments in life, such as waiting for a bus or a break on a job a little less boring.

Titan Slots Free to Play Multi-Slots in One iOS App

Titan SlotsTitan Slots is a free to download multi-slot app available for iPhonea, iPods and iPads supported by iOS Versions 6 and app. Casual slot players enjoy engaging in a set of Greek Mythology -themed virtual Vegas-style slot that brings the experience of hitting Big Wins amounting to millions of virtual coins.

About the Titan Slots Game Play

Presented via a 4-row x 5-column grid, there are seven different virtual slot machines with varying win-boosting attributes. The titles include “Enchanted World,” “Ocean Realm,” “Olympus,” “Valley,” “Silver Age I,” “Silver Age II,” and “Tartarus.” All of which have different characters to unlock in order to access the game.

Starting with Titan Slots’ Valley title, where the main character is a Warrior. Completing a set of ten (10) levels opens up the portal to the next stage. To accomplish that, Titan Slots players have to spin the reels and aim to win as many coins in order to have enough credits to wager on every spin. Otherwise, losing the initial free credits furnished by the free-to-download game necessitates buying additional coins as in-app purchases.

The Valley slot makes use of the Warrior as the Wild Symbol, distinguished as such because it can pose as substitute for any reel-tile in order to complete payline combinations. The image of the Olympus edifice is the Scatter Symbol that activates ten free spins. Valley slot randomly activates a special bonus game in which a player is given the chance to win as many as five (5) million coins.

That is only for starters, as there are other slots with varying styles. Once you succeed in getting past the Valley stage and unlocking the character that serves as key to a portal, you will be able to enter a new stage with other sets of reward-boosting attributes.

The Titan Slot App Features

This multi-slot free game offering from TopGame has great visual appeal, as the graphic illustrations of the Greek-inspired icons are well defined by lines, textures, and colours. Players can activate the slot by placing bets starting at 5,000 coins up to 500,000 coins per spin. TopGame creatively depicts the betting actions by showing coins flying from the Spin pot to the game level meter.

The slot has auto spin feature, pay table and bet modifiers just like the real money online slot games. Pay rules are similar to standard online casino pay systems; such as payouts for wins starting from left to right, payout values based on total bet staked per line, and only the highest win per payline qualifies for payment.

Titan Slots makes a difference with a special mini-reel-within-a-reel. game, which pays for three-of-a-kind symbol combos. Three identical 000 (three zero-combination) appearing consecutively wins a 100x coin multiplier. You can spin the mini reel free and aim to hit the 000 jackpot, which pays up to 5,000,000 coins.

Another playing option available is to use gems in order to get extra free spins. However, you have to use your gems wisely, as those would come in handy for other bonus game features. Nonetheless, if you still need more gems and additional coins, you can get them instantly via in-app purchases, which you can process by clicking on the Gem icon at the top of the slot screen.

This game is rated 12+ but parents who allow their children to play with this slot should take time to explain about games of chance. Make it clear the win outcomes and payout values of the Titan Slot games are not necessarily exact representations of the wins experienced in real money slot gaming.

Reel Deal Slots

Reel Deel Slots ClubThe application software (app) for “Reel Deal Slots” is impressive to say the least. In fact, there are numerous online testimonials from happy Reel Deal slot fans who say this app is “awesome” because it allows them to enjoy online gaming action that is run on their smartphone or other mobile devices. The app allows users to instantly play this fun slot game online; while this app can also be downloaded for free. The result is an instant connection to a slots club service online that is truly user friendly.

The Real Deal in Slot Apps

Another aspect of enjoying online slot action with this Reel Deal slot app is linked to offers of “more free games” and the ability to win massive cash jackpots. The other great thing about mobile apps is gamers can enjoy slot action at home or anywhere they enjoying playing games online. For instance, this slot game app is credited with sharing top poker, fruit machine slot and even sim slots with savvy gamers wanting more action online with the easy of a simply app selection on their smartphone device.

While this app connects gamers with cool slot action when on the go or in the comfort of their home, slot fans also comment online about enjoying how Phantom EFX has created this “Reel Deal Slot Club” so gamers can play multiple slot games on one single app. In turn, a game uses about 5.8MB of download space, explains a longtime information technology (IT) professional who is a “huge fan of this Reel Deal slot app.”

The App’s Many Features Include:

– Giving gamers instant access to hot online slot gaming action.
– Allowing the app user more shots at winning big jackpots.
– Compatibility with top smart devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
– The ability to play free slots; while offering even more exciting free slot machine play online.
– An app credited with user friendly access and performance.
– A quick way and means to play slots online without messing with time consuming searches and log-ins.
– A better and even more efficient way and means to play online slots because you choose the time of day and location where you want to play.
– Easy access to various online casino offers, promotions and other gaming action.
– An easy and convenient ways and means to get free casino downloads and other gaming action with the simple selection of this app on your smartphone.

In general, there has never been a better app for online gaming fans than the one designed for Reel Deal slot play, say IT experts commenting online.

Slot app makes online gaming more convenient

While the consumer rating for this Reel Deal slot app is all four-stars, the people who use this user friendly slot app say “it should earn five or even six stars” because it is efficient and fun to use. For example, the apps manufacturer promises gaming fans that “you won’t be disappointed” because this app is as high-tech as you can get in 2015. Moreover, there are lots and lots of customers who say they hit it big using this handy app that gets them online and busy with their favorite Reel Deal slot.