Age of Slots

Age of Slots App Review Age of Slots by 12 Point App LCC

The story of slots started at the end of the 19th century when first machines with five reels appeared. They contained poker cards and winning combinations were based on different poker combinations. Those simple machines became popular quickly for two reasons. Older models had a lever on one side which started the spinning of the wheels so they resemble the person with one arm.

Modern slots are computer operated machines with the screen where virtual reels spin and there is a button to start spinning. They are a regular part of the equipment in casinos all over the world and they are without any doubt among the most popular games there. Today, poker cards are replaced with thousands of different signs combinations and all slots lovers will never get bored with them.

Features of Age of Slots

There are many slots games potential players can get online. They are good for several reasons. First, most of them are free, or they cost just a few dollars. Second, once it is downloaded, an owner can play it without limits and there is no need to look for the nearest casino. And last, but not the least, it is not like a player will spend a fortune while playing it. One of the games with those features is Age of Slots. Everybody which is looking for a good and funny slots simulation, this is a perfect choice.

Age of Slots App Review The only thing necessary is a device with the iOS 6.0 or later and 42 MB of space in the memory of the device. The game is free and a player will get 500 free coins to start playing and there is plenty of different bonus rounds and other opportunities to get more free coins. So, there is no need to spend real money at all. However, if a player needs more coins, he can buy them for a really good price.

This game is inspired with the Vikings and their life and all the elements in it are related to them. Bonus games are an opportunity to earn more rewards in a short amount of time. Funny graphics and real casino sounds will make the game even more interesting. While playing, a player can climb up to the leaderboard and enjoy in hours of fun no matter where he is at that moment.

Age of Slots Overall

All potential players which are looking for a good and funny game of slots, Age of Slots can be a great choice. However, those who want to earn some real money while playing will have to search more because there is no way to transfer coins from the game into the real money. If this game makes a player believe he can be good in real slots games, it is good to remember this is a game of luck and luck can change at any moment. Every person with some free time to spend, like while waiting in a subway or in a bank, or during a lunch break, can use that time and play Age of Slots.

777 African Safari Slots

777 African Safari Slots App Review777 African Safari Slots by New Free Casino Games

Slots are a popular machine game of luck available from every casino all over the world. It is a very simple game with three or more reels with different pictures. When a player throws a coin and starts the reels to spin, which used to be done by a level on a side of the machine and today it is enough to press the button, they spin and when they stop, the combination of the shown signs defines a win.

Luckily, there is no need to spend a life saving on slots anymore. With the development of the computers, slots evolved into the machines with the screen and virtual spinning of the virtual reels. Like in a casino, it can be played on a screen of a smartphone, computer or tablet, and in many cases everyone can play it for free.

Features of 777 African Safari Slots

So, all people which are looking for a game only for a pure joy of playing, 777 African Safari Slots can be a perfect choice. It is not important if the players are beginners or experienced. It is not important are them looking after a fun game for a free time or a way to improve their playing skills. In any case, every player should be aware this game is free and there are plenty of free bonuses to keep it free, but they will never get any real money from it. Those which are looking for such an app will have to keep on looking. Of course, for more coins, the player can buy them with real money. Luck is deceitful, and everybody who thinks he is going to be successful while playing with the real money because of the success in this game, it can happen, but it is more likely not going to happen.

Those who decide to download this game; it is a rather simple process. For that, a potential player will need an iOS device with 6.1 or newer version. There should be at least 50 MB free memory space and an internet connection. Downloading will take only a few minutes and once it is done, all people interested into this game can start playing. As the name of the game says, 777 African Safari Slots is a game dedicated to Africa and its most famous animals, places and countries. Graphics and sound are vivid and create an atmosphere of the real casino.

777 African Safari Slots Overall

Africa is a beautiful and exciting continent and some of those features players will find in this game, in its graphics, sounds and overall atmosphere. If we add a thrill to playing slots, no doubt everyone is going to enjoy in hours of good time. This is a perfect game for all those minutes spend in a bus, in a line or on a break since it can be easily started and stopped without losing any significant element. Still, it would be good to have plenty of free time since time flies with a good time and no doubt it can happen with this game too. With this game, time will fly faster than anyone can imagine.

Aces High Exotic Slots

Aces High Exotic Slots App Review Aces High Exotic Slots Casino by New Free Casino Games

History of slots is about 130 years long. First slots had five reels with poker cards on it and winnings were set based on the same rules as in poker. Slots became an instant hit and that hasn’t changed since. With the development of the technology, slots changed their appearance and they have screens instead of reels and computer operated programs.

Thanks to this fact, there is no need to have a big machine in a living room if someone wants to play slots outside the casino. As a matter of fact, slots became one of the most popular online games and the most downloaded categories of the games. Reasons for that are their attractive nature and a possibility to play it any time and at any place when a player wants to play it. It can be during the bus ride, while a player waits in a line or during a lunch break on a job.

Features of Aces High Exotic Slots Casino

There are many slots games to choose from when a player is planning to download some on a mobile device. Which one will someone choose, depends on several factors, such as the type of the device, costs and preferences. When it comes to the type of the device, Aces High Exotic Slots Casino can be downloaded into any iPod, iPad or iPhone operated by iOS 5.0 or later and with 60 MB of the free memory space. When it comes to the costs, this game is free to download. When it is downloaded, a player will get some free coins to start playing and from time to time there will be a possibility to get more free coins. However, if that is not enough, more coins may be purchased for a very good price. When it comes to preferences, all players that love slots with the hint of exotic, great graphics and music will love this game. There are 10 different levels of Casino action. They all contain retina graphic, which makes a great feeling.

Before the downloading process, every player should keep these warnings in mind. There is no way to get any real money from this game and if someone starts thinking he will be successful in a real game with real money because of the success with this game, it is a wrong believing. In all real games of luck, odds are on a side of the machine and casino, so everyone is more likely losing money than getting it. Those are warnings players should have in mind when it comes to all gambling games.

Aces High Exotic Slots Casino Overall

Everyone that is planning to download some game on their device faces the problem of which game to choose. There are so many apps in the market and it is hard to find the right one. Slots lovers will not regret if they decide to download this game. It has all, classic slots game with the great audio and video quality, exotic characters and pictures on the slots machine and, in general, it is a great way to spend some free time.

Candy Dozer Coin Splash

Candy Dozer App Review Candy Dozer Coin Splash by Sizzle Entertainment

Coin Dozer is a very simple, yet entertaining game of luck which can be found in many casinos, carnivals, amusement parks, circuses and much more. It is really simple to play. All a player needs is plenty of coins and a player throws them into the machine. For every coin thrown inside, a lever activates and pushes coins toward the edge of the platform. If any coins fall over that edge, they belong to the player.

Since this is a simple game, its modern game app versions usually have a twist which will make playing more interesting. The same is with the Candy Dozer Coin Splash. It is a game for all iOS 5.1 or newer devices. Only thing a player must do is to download a game into the device for free and he will have a chance to enjoy this classic game with an unusual twist. The player must make sure there is plenty of time when he starts playing because a player won’t even notice how the time flies.

Features of Candy Dozer Coin Splash

Before someone decides to download this game to their device, there are some things to consider.¬† If a player is looking for a way to earn money by gambling online, he will have to find some other app since there is no way to exchange coins earned in this game into the real money. And finally, all those that are successful in this game shouldn’t expect to be equally successful in a real coin dozer game for the real money. Like in any game of luck, luck can change at any moment. However, those things can be said about any game of luck on the market.

There is no limits for all players which own an iPod, iPad or iPhone with the 5.1 or later iOS to download Candy Dozer Coin Splash. The difference between this game and other coin dozer games is that here player won’t play with coins, but with candies. Also, successful player will get plenty of candies and even more sugar treats for bonuses. They should only be careful not to get a cavity. We are kidding, but this game is really, really sweet. This game is as fun and addictive as candies hidden inside.

Candy Dozer Coin Splash Overall

All players that are still young in heart will enjoy this classic game of luck with a twist. However, everyone can have a good time playing a game where players use candies instead of coins. Luckily, those are not real candies or their tooth won’t be too happy. On the other side, everyone can be happy with the playful graphic and sounds. When we put it all together, this is a great game for spending some free time, or for killing time while there is nothing else to do, like in a line in a bank or while waiting for a bus. This game is pure fun and no doubt that when someone decides to play it; they will have a lot of fun and won’t get bored. After all, life is too short to be bored.

Ace Vegas Blackjack Casino

Aces Vegas Blackjack Casino App Review Ace Vegas Blackjack Casino Card Game by Vision Mobile Apps

Blackjack is a very popular casino game. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. Rules of playing are quite simple. All players are trying to win while playing against the house (or casino). If a player wins, he will get money. A dealer will give cards one by one to the player and the sum of their values must come as close to the 21, but it shouldn’t be higher of that number. If the sum is higher, a player will lose, no matter the sum of the opponent’s cards. So, the main goal is to come as close to 21 as possible and another goal is to be better than other players.

This is a classic game of luck, but really good players have much more trump cards in their sleeves. First of all, really good players memorize played cards and they are good in counting possibility for getting a good or bad card in the next hand. To become a really good player, everyone needs to practice. In the past, the practice would include losing a lot of money, but those things changed thanks to computers and the internet.

Features of Ace Vegas Blackjack Casino Card Game

If someone wants to play blackjack, there is no need to spend any money. There are plenty of apps online anyone can download for free and Ace Vegas Blackjack is one of them. A new player will get some coins and from time to time there will be a chance to get more free coins, but if a player needs and wants more coins, he can buy them with the real money. However, nobody won’t get any real money back since this game is created just for fun. And finally, it is a fact everybody can train playing blackjack with this or similar app and improve its skills, but it still depends on luck a lot, so if a person thinks he will be successful in a real game if he is successful in this app, it may and may not be the case.

If a potential player is okay with these warnings, there are no limits. All this app needs is an iOS device with 4.3 or the later version. The game will occupy only 34 MB of a memory space and it will need just a few moments to download. When it is downloaded, it can be played without any boundaries. The only thing necessary is some free time for playing and everybody can enjoy the game.

Ace Vegas Blackjack Casino Card Game Overall

Someone may be a beginner in blackjack with only the basic knowledge of the rules, or even without that. Or it may be an experienced player which needs some practice when he can’t go to the casinos. Someone may be looking for some game to play on a mobile device when there is some free time. No matter in which of those categories a potential player belongs, he can benefit from this game. A player will not benefit by getting real money, but he will have a good time, he will practice blackjack skills and he will enjoy excellent audio and video quality which will bring the atmosphere of the real Las Vegas casino right on a mobile device. Is there anything else someone can ask from a game?

Summer Slots Vacation

Summer Slots Vacation App Review A Summer Slots Vacation by New Free Casino Games

All people who played slots at least once in a lifetime need no explanation why it is so popular all around the world. Those that are new in this area and have never heard of the slots (if there are any such people) should know that slots are one of the most popular casino games with spin of three or more reels with different pictures and when reels stop, combination of pictures shows what is winning or losing in that game.

With the development of computers and the internet, slots evolved. Instead of the reels there is a monitor and a computer generated reels and instead of the lever to pull, there is a button. All this makes slots appropriate for playing online, on a computer or different mobile devices. If anybody wants to try playing slots, the best start is to download some game, such as A Summer Slots Vacation. Experienced players can find things to enjoy in this game as well.

Features of a Summer Slots Vacation

Once someone decides to give this game a chance, there is not much to do. It will only need some device with the iOS 6.1 or newer and less than 50 MB of space in a memory of a device. It will also need an internet connection and few minutes to download. When it is done, playing can be started. It is as simple as it can be. All new players will be stunned with an excellent audio and video quality and the game in general. For moments, players will feel like in a real casino and playing real slots. It is one of the best casino simulations which can be found on the market.

After downloading and before playing, there are few warnings to have in mind. This game is free to download, but when a player runs out of coins and he is not ready to wait for a new bonus pack, he can purchase some coins with the real money. No matter how many coins a player earned while playing, he will not be able to get real money for them. Also, if a player earns coins, feels good and starts thinking about playing the real game for real money. Every conscious person shouldn’t let that carries them too much. Luck changes often and fast and it can happen any time.

A Summer Slots Vacation Overall

It is not easy to choose the right app in any category these days. There are so many apps people can choose from and while choosing, it may be pretty confusing. Luckily, all people which are looking for a good slots game and encountered A Summer Slots Vacation, there is no need to look any further. They can download it for free to an iOS device and once it is done, an owner can start playing. Having it on a mobile device means that an owner can play any time and any place, as long as there is some free time and full battery since it may take time. Once a player starts playing, he will be excited and thrilled with this great game and it will be really hard to stop playing.