Slot Galaxy – A Fun Slot Machine Application

slotgalaxyA Fun Slot Machine Application

Slot Galaxy is a free slot machine game for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod by Tap Slots, Inc. If you enjoy playing real slot machines at the casino, this game should give you the thrill of some of that experience. Sorry, but there is no handle to pull. The game is available to download for free from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon Kindle and Google Games. Once downloaded, the user is given free coins to play on one of the game’s slot machines. Every four hours, a user is given new free coins. The game works by touching buttons on the mobile phone screen.

Choose Your Slot Machine

There are a variety of slot machines available. Casino Cruise is the game’s newest slot machine. This machine uses cruise icons and can simulate play up to 50 lines at once. Other games include the Wild Wild West, which has the look of an older slot machine with three reels. Mount Olympus features five wheels plus other ways to increase the coins you win. Pirates of Desire features four wheels and special jewels to win extra prizes and coins. Ramses Temple takes you back to ancient Egypt. This slot has five wheels and features Egyptian weapons and jewelry. Big Top Bonanza features circus animals and letters. This slot is one of the tamer machines but it has five reels.

The HD graphics and sounds are appropriate for the slot machine you have chosen. The graphics are quite clear, even during the spinning cycles. The colors chosen by Tap Slots make the games more fun. There are extra bonus games on some machines and scattered payouts at times to win extra coins. The bonus games vary with the slot machine chosen and the level of the player.

Slot Galaxy2Playing for Free

Players using free coins don’t seem to move up as readily as players who buy coins for the slots using cash. However, it is not necessary to buy coins to play the application. Buying extra coins does not guarantee wining at slots here or at the casino. Those who understand how a random number generator works and change machines when they run cold can do quite well. Some players have complained about the game freezing on occasion and not keeping score properly. Slot Galaxy’s tech people seem helpful when customers go to them for solutions.

Game Play

The game has increased the number of pop-ups and advertisements that occur during the free play. Some players feel the ads have become a problem and interrupt the flow of the game. So, the game is not exactly free, but you are not paying for it with cash. Slot Galaxy is connected to social media, especially Facebook. Users can go to Facebook to share scores, meet other players, find hints and obtain special bonuses.

Overall, I would rate this game a 4 out of 5. The pop-ups are an issue and the slot machines do have some limitations that players need to learn. Overall, not a bad game, and the company is continuing to issue updates to solve problems. Slot Galaxy is rated for 12 and up due to the heavy gambling involved in using the game.