Slots Blaze Slot App Review

Slots Blaze App

Slots Blaze lets you fully immerse yourself in the casino slot gaming experience. This adult slot game allows you to choose from an array of themed slots with cutting edge graphics. You can play online and offline at your convenience from wherever you are. The slot games load quickly and give you the freedom of playing on any device. No matter what your style is, there is a Slots Blaze game for you. The highly interactive slots are well designed and certain to not disappoint. The online casino gaming community has improved with the addition of thrilling slots that give you a genuine casino experience.

Whether you’re new to online gaming or experienced, Slots Blaze will give you the experience you’ve been looking for. Enjoy the slots for free on any mobile device from anywhere. You can try your hand at an array of betting options to see if you can reach your jackpot goal. Get free bonus spins to increase your winnings. These well-developed, exciting slot games are entirely free. Use the game timer to time yourself until the next big win. If you’re feeling brave, enter tournament mode and unlock the potential power of the biggest jackpot. Get the experience of knowing how many wins you can achieve in one sitting.

These highly innovative games created by talented developers will take you on adventure you’ve never experienced from your phone or tablet before. Witness casino gaming entertainment like you’ve never seen it before. Play inventive, new casino slots without needing to get dressed for the occasion. Enjoy playing in a fair play casino and see how many bonuses you can win. Get ready to feel the rush of your next big win. Play conservatively or take your bets to the max when you take a spin. Pick your imagery of choice; from the kangaroos of Plunder Down Under to the massive octopus of The Kraken Unleashed, Slots Blaze is certain to give you a thrill. Pull on the slots today to see how many winnings you’re able to collect and how much you’re willing to bet to win again!


Las Vegas Pocket Guide

Las Vegas AppSo you are on your way to Las Vegas. That is great. You will probably remember it as one of the most exciting times of your life. When people think of the epitome of the party scene, they think of cities such as Las Vegas. It is the place to go when you need to get away from the stress of your life. If you are ready to consume yourself in entertainment and fun, then you are probably on your way to Las Vegas. However, many visitors have a lot of trouble navigating through the city and finding the activities in which they would like to indulge. That is why the Las Vegas PocketGuide app is so helpful.

Tour Guides
It used to be that if you wanted to learn about the city and see the sights, you would actually need to hire a tour guide. Well, that is no longer necessary with the advent of the Internet. All of the information that you could want is available online. However, the Las Vegas PocketGuide consolidates all of that information. It provides access to hundreds of tours provided by local experts. You can ensure that you do not miss out on anything during your trip!

Find Locations
If you had to actively decide where to eat and what to do every day, that would probably consume your entire day. You should not have to spend time worrying about logistics. You should be able to enjoy yourself without that sort of thing constantly burdening you. That can even ruin a vacation. That is why the PocketGuide will recommend restaurants, events and activities based on the criteria that you submit. Let the app do the thinking for you. You can sit back and enjoy your trip to Las Vegas.

Accessible Offline
You are out of the range of WiFi and your cell phone has run out of data. What options do you have? All of the information that you need was in the PocketGuide App, which you used via the Internet. Well, you do not need to worry. All of that data is saved to the app. You do not need to connect to the Internet. It has total functionality even while it is offline. There is even an offline map so that you can navigate through the city without worrying that you might get lost.

Share With Friends
You want to share your experience with the people that you know. That is why people take pictures when they are out and share them on social media. They want to preserve these memories and let other people see them as well. The PocketGuide allows you to optimize this. It has a feature that automatically creates a 3D video of the experiences that you and your friends had throughout your trip. Then you can share that video to social media. Do not settle for a few pictures! PocketGuide will let you make the most out of your vacation.

Viber Wild Luck Slots App Review

Viber Wild Luck SlotsYou can bring the casino experience home. People are often conflicted about whether they want to go to the casino. While they know that they will have a lot of fun, it is a hassle to leave the house, especially after a long day at work. The last thing that you want to do is get yourself ready and go out. That is why so many people have been consumed in the Viber Wild Luck Slots App. You can have all of the experience that you would have at the casino, right in your living room. Sit on your phone and enjoy the casino.

The Atmosphere
Of course, you are probably concerned that your home does not have the atmosphere of the casino. It does not have the lighting, the music, the sounds and the general aura that one encounters when they go to the casino. The developers with the Viber Wild Luck Slots app have recognized this complaint that people have with other apps, and they have worked to overcome it. It has a number of sounds and effects that sound like the casino. This will help to develop the atmosphere that the casino provides.

Big Wins
Something frustrating about going to the casino is that you never actually win anything. While you will spend a lot of time at the casino, you will not come away with the big win that you wanted. Well, the Viper Wild Luck Slots App has several big wins built-in to the game. Developers have recognized that if more people win the game, more will play, and therefore there will be more revenue. So, everybody wins. Many people continue playing this game precisely because of how much they have won. If you want to win big, this is the game for you.

Many Options
Of course, you do not want to play the same game all of the time. That can become rather tedious and boring. You begin to wonder what the point is and why you should bother doing this at all. You need diversity in your gaming experience. That is why you would go out to the casino in the first place. If an app does not offer that, then the casino clearly has an advantage. But the Viper Wild Luck Slots app does offer that. It has a wide range of games and more are constantly being added.

Black Diamond Casino is Fun and Addicting!

Black Diamond CasinoBlack Diamond Casino is extremely easy to download onto your Android. The first thing that you will receive is a free gift of six hundred thousand coins, and a free spin gem. Next, you will notice that in the bottom right corner of your screen you can connect to Facebook to gain 3 million coins. You do not need to connect to Facebook, but why wouldn’t you?

Ok. Now the fun starts! Choose your slot machine to play. You have seventeen slots to choose from, and each one has its own special feature. The hidden dagger game looks fun, has great graphics, wilds, and 2 different bonuses! while spinning you can collect daggers one at a time until you fill up the special bar and activate the dagger bonus.

What challenge or incentive does this game provide? With every spin you get more experience, and when you level up you can lot of coins, and eventually you will gain enough levels to open up another slot machine. Some machines require you to be level 5, or 10 to play them, while some require you to be at least level 15 to play, giving you plenty of incentive to return again and again.

Should you invest real money into this game? It is definitely worth the money you spend. There are many two times sales where you can get 4 million coins for just $1.99, and with so many games costing less than 25,000 per spin, you will have weeks’ worth of fun. Of course there is always the possibility that your 4 million coins can turn into 80 million coins, and that kind of fun is worth more than just $1.99.

The sound, and visual quality of each slot machine, and the selection screen is great. You will consistently have high quality sound, without any skips or other problems. You will also never see any random flashes, or colors on your screen.

The rewards that Black Diamond slots give its players is great, not only do you receive the free coins, and new slots from leveling up, but you also receive V.I.P. points. the V.I.P. status that you have given you an extra percentage of coins that you purchase giving you more chances to get the amazing win you want! Come play today what are you waiting for!?

Slots Billionaire – Slot Apps Review

Slots BillionaireWhat online slots player wouldn’t want the opportunity to rack up bucks to the tune of billions? Slots Billionaire’s popularity proves that there aren’t many of you out there who wouldn’t like the opportunity to go for big bucks like that. When you download this free application from the Play Store, you get 20 big, fast-paced and creative online slots games that rake in the billions.

Highlights and Features

– Over 20 games: There are over 20 real-style casino slots machines here for you to play at your leisure. It’s easy to log on and pick the ones you think look most interesting.

– Frequent updates: Twice a month Slots Billionaire adds two more clever slot machines to its arsenal of casino power. You’ll be the beneficiary of those additions. This type of frequent update keeps players engaged and busy with the fun.

– Jackpots: The jackpot is big here. That’s one of the many things that slots fans look for. The more dollar signs you see, the greater the chance that you’re going to have a blast playing these games and the creators of Slots Billionaire aren’t just offering you millions, but billions, in prizes.

– Online or offline play: Don’t feel like comparing scores with your friends today? No problem! Just switch over to offline play to have the casino all to yourself for the day. You’ll find that except for comparing scores, the games are just as entertaining as they are when you’re playing online.

– Leaderboards: Most folks prefer to compare scores with friends. You get bragging rights when you hit jackpots and surpass the scores of your buddies on this amazing slots game.

Downloading this game is free and easy on the Google Play store. You’ll be able to play on your Android device and enjoy hours and hours of good, clean casino fun. Keep in mind that Slots Billionaire isn’t a real-money casino game. You won’t win real money by playing this game but you also won’t be spending any real money to get the pleasure of playing it. Thousands of players are actively playing this game right now and racking up the high scores daily on fun and funny games like Prized Pups, a slots machine with a puppy theme. Colorful graphics, real casino sounds, and big bucks make this one of the very best casino games out there for Android users.

Quick Hit Slots by Google Play

Quick Hits SlotsQuick Hit Slots brings a whole new slot experience right to your fingertips. With a massive library of different machines and different themes you are given a multitude of ways to hit it big. Most of the slots featured on this app come directly from the designers of most slots you will find in Las Vegas. So bring the Las Vegas experience home today with you in the convenience of an app.

Slot Types

The wide variety in Vegas and their slot machines has brought you a playing experience like no other. Take your credits and search the slot floor for a game that suits your mood or playing style. Want to get a taste of the barterer experience? Then try out the Pawn Star modeled slot machines that let you barter goods you earn throughout playing that game. Try taking a shot at finding the pirate’s booty in the fun Treasure Chest slot game. Sit back and relax in the luxury of living out a dream in the Playboy mansion as you try for a shot at some of Hef’s riches in the Playboy slot game. The options and opportunities are almost endless with this unique slot playing experience.

Credit Earning

Credits can be earned through a multitude of fashions. You can link your Facebook account to your device and gain credits at a quicker pace then jus the hourly and daily bonuses. As mentioned, you receive a daily bonus of credits to put forth at any slot machine you would like. Some slots remain locked up until you gain enough experience points to use them. The more you play the more you unlock and the bigger your daily and hourly bonus credit payouts become.

The slots themselves, since they are modeled by Vegas slot makers, have odds similar to those you’ll find in Vegas. The betting experience could never be more real and the slot graphics give you that realistic feel of being in Vegas. The odds seem more in your favor when you are beginning you’re playing experience. You seem to hit it decently on whichever machine you choose in hopes of building your bankroll to spread it around to other machines and other playing formats.

Application Formats

The Quick Hit Slots application is made available through the Google Play store. It is a free app that allows for in-game purchases, but they are not required from the user. You can set-up a guest account on the app itself or link it to your Facebook as previously mentioned. Most android devices will support the use of this app and you’ll need a Google Play store account to be eligible for download. The download time is lightning fast so you’ll be set-up and playing in no time at all.


By bringing you your favorite formats in a wide variety of fashions, it is no wonder that Quick Hit Slots is truly a ‘hit’ with its app users. Try out the many different versions of slots offered and uncover some of the bonus games made unique to each game. The playing experience remains exciting as you jump from machine to machine with this unique app experience. Find out which slot suits you the best today with Quick Hit Slots.

Slots Forever by Grande Games

Slots ForeverSlots Forever, the play for fun casino games app by Grande Games may seem like the typical multi-slot game application. It strives to be different though, as the game’s most recent update (September 28, 2015) saw to the addition of two progressive jackpot games.

Slots Forever also offers live tournaments for not just one but several events, albeit availability and eligibility depend on the Slots Forever player’s current playing level. Occasionally, Slots Forever rolls out special events, offering rewards of extra coins and/or Diamonds. The Diamond Frenzy event for one, awards players with 3x Diamonds for every spin made during 31 minutes of play.

Slots Forever is available to users of smartphones and tablets running on Android versions 2.3 and up. This multi-slots mobile application has been rated 12+ as a free to download game app at the Google Play Store.

Slots Forever Game Features

This app is quite generous with its 100K Welcome Bonus and regular supply of $20K virtual coins every two hours. Every time a player levels up, he or she receives bonus coin rewards starting at 10K. Yet the bonus rewards increase after every leveling up achievement. Leveling up also means greater amounts of maximum bets to stake per spin.

Slots Forever has a continuously increasing collection of nearly 30 slot titles, two (2) of which are readily available to play. The Dragon Wild slot features a jackpot prize that can be won by collecting flames spewed by a fiery dragon. The slot seems to have take inspiration from The Hobbit, as the icons include images that have great resemblance to Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins and Orlando Bloom’s Legolas characters. The Storm Queen, another title available to all players regardless of level achievement, features full-reel Wilds.

The other titles can be unlocked every after four-level achievement, starting with Level 4 to Level 8, 12, 16, 24 and so forth . Unlike other multi-slots apps in which players have to complete a certain number of stages for each title to become available, Slots Forever allows players to carry on with their level up progress whilst playing with any of the unlocked games.

The Slots Forever progressive jackpot contents starts at Level 16, and two more that can be unlocked at Levels 88 and 156.

Slots Forever App Features and Control Mechanisms

Slots Forever app does not require a user to open an account to play with the featured titles. Still, app users who will connect their Slots Forever app to their Facebook account will enjoy extra benefits. Such benefits include receiving additional 50K coins as welcome bonus, in addition to more offers of special gifts. FB-connected app users can send, as well as receive gift to and from their circle of Slots Forever FB friends.

The Home page is clutter free and presents only the Slots Forever titles via a slider menu. Tapping on the featured Dragon Wild and Storm Queen thumbnail icons immediately opens the game. Games that are still inaccessible automatically unlock and becomes available whenever a player reaches the corresponding playing level,. To play the game, users must first place the bet amount they wish to wager per spin.

To adjust the bet amount, app users need only to tap on the Bet Size and the Line buttons to view the different betting sizes and payline options per spin. The app automatically calculates the bet amount. The autoplay feature can be activated by tapping and holding the SPIN button for a while.

Slots Forever has a VIP Program offering reward packages to loyal and avid players. All newbies start as a VIP member at Tier 1 or Copper membership status. Elevating to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status will increase their Bonus Coin rewards, including the extras added to in-app coin purchases.

Super Gorilla Slots Free to Play Multi Slots App for Android Devices 2.3.3 and Up

Super Gorilla Slots Super Gorilla Slots app by Rocket Games delivers a collection of African wildlife-themed, free to play slots that offer huge wins. The app provides slot gaming thrills by way of different game levels, in which various game attributes come into play to increase the chances of winning coin prizes in enormous quantities.

Super Gorilla Slots Game Play

Similar to real money online casino slots, the games are played by placing bets on pay lines. Wins are achieved when identical reel icons appear uninterruptedly in adjacent reels. Some Super Gorilla Slots symbols pay for matched payline combos comprising two-of-a-kind images. Other symbols require at least three (3) to qualify for payline wins.

After downloading and installing Super Gorilla Slots app in your Android device, you will instantly receive 25,000 coin credits to use when staking wagers on every spin. The minimum and maximum number of coins to wager for each spin vary according to game level and status attained as VIP player. Aim to reach higher levels, because each game offers greater wins through the help of special features that are exclusive to each slot game.

Every slot title represents a game level where you have to complete nine (9) stages in order to level up and play with the next stage, or the next slot. Completing each of the nine (9) stages require meeting a set number of spin points, which makes it important for you to maintain enough coin credits to fund the wager you place for each spin.

The first set of Super Gorilla Slots is the Jungle Mode, which commences with the “Gorilla’s Gold.”  You have to level up in order to gain access to three other contents namely, the “Tiger Temple,” “Amazon Princess,” and finally the “Panther Pass,” a Progressive Jackpot Slot. The games in the Jungle Mode feature Stacked Wilds, Shifting Wilds, and Free Spins Bonus Games. Actually, you can expect more Jungle Mode slot games to come around as game additions. The faster you level up, the quicker you get to play with new Super Gorilla Slots as soon as version updates are released.

Super Gorilla Slots The Safari Mode comprises games starting at Level 40, which denotes you have to complete the Jungle Mode game levels before you can play with other titles like the “Cheetah Chase.” The latter has Expanding Wilds and Free-Spins Rounds that make it possible for players to win coin prizes in massive numbers. Followed by the “Elephant Quest,” a slot that pays in folds for payline wins completed with Wild Multiplier symbols. Amass as many coins as you can to fatten up your bankroll. That way you can reach higher game levels where there are more amazing Wilds with different and greater win-boosting capabilities.

Super Gorilla Slot App Features

The app immediately classifies new Super Gorilla Slots players as Bronze VIP members. It requires the collection of a set number of points in order to attain Silver, Gold, Sapphire and Emerald VIP status. Higher status levels grant privileges of unlocking exciting premium slot contents such as “The Snake Charmer” (Silver), the “Volcano Fortune” (Gold), the “Siberian Spirit” (Sapphire), and the “Birds of Paradise” (Emerald).

In case you do not have enough coins remaining to fund your wagers, the app bestows Bonus Gifts of 2,500 free credits in exchange for using your Facebook account to save your Super Gorilla Slots progress. In addition, the Super Gorilla Slots app automatically generates 2,500 coin credits every four hours, which you can claim as fresh funds.

Although Google Play Store has rated this game 12+, parents are still advised to give proper guidance about slot gaming as a game of chance, and that the outcomes of free betting games are not necessarily the same as those that occur in real money online slots.

Monopoly Slots

Monopoly SlotsEA, the famous developer of the World Series of Poker, has developed Monopoly Slots. This is a casino app game for smart phones. This mobile casino club includes modern slot games; each with multiple reels, excellent payouts, wild and scattered symbols, mystery wilds, stacks and multipliers, and free spins. Bonus games and free plays are other features of this casino game app. With such features available, you can earn even bigger with each bet. Bonus games awards “double the earnings” offer. All avid casino players, who want to earn big prize, can play the Monopoly Plus slot app from anywhere just with the click of a button. The excellent graphics and HD quality background with sound effects and fun characters of the Monopoly slot game are something you cannot miss to notice. Every slot in this game app has the distinctive Monopoly theme with Mr. Monopoly. In addition, you will see those unique Monopoly symbols such as the logos, the Start square, the Monopoly houses, and certain street signs and board game squares in every slot.


Games of the Monopoly Slots include a range of classic games and some mini-games that offer each player hours of ultimate fun and enjoyment. Each of the slot machines in this app is Monopoly themed. Mr. Monopoly will appear after each reel play to congratulate and cheer the player during any big wins. This app is free to download. Those with a device with the iOS operating system 5.1.1 or higher version can download this app from the play store. The size of this casino app is 89.1 MB. Downloading the application onto your smart phone or iOS device is easy. All you need to do is find the application in the app store, click on download by agreeing to EA’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Although this is a free app, you can always make in-app purchases. In case you want to restrict the in-app purchases, change your device settings accordingly.

An excellent feature of the Monopoly slot app games is the winning opportunities. Through these games, players can win big with extra bonuses. Free spins and bonus games will allow you to earn some extra coins and grab a big win with the max bet feature. Other options like the “double up” or the “quadruple up” features will help you in winning big amounts by placing bets on each line.

Another cool feature of this app is the link-up with social media sites. Through this app, players can directly link up with their social media networking profiles and share their achievements, win extra coins and publish their winnings. The latest version of this game app also includes five new Vegas-style themed slots, including the Boulevard, the Midas Touch, Rock and Roll, the Illusion and the Aquarius. Whether it is the fruit machine or the Vegas style slot, each game in Monopoly casino app features wild and scattered symbols to increase your chance for big wins. Free play is another excellent feature of the Monopoly slot games. As you cannot win real money through this game, you cannot even lose money by placing bets. This game app is for your fund and entertainment through mobile casino gaming.


Monopoly Slots is undoubtedly a must-have app for all slot game lovers. With its stunning HD visuals, unique characters and excellent sound effects, each slot in this app is worth of your time exploring. Plus, you can always score mega wins and earn huge through bonus games, wild symbols and through those unique 3X3 slot games. 2X multipliers and mystery wilds will also widen your chance to win something big. Celebrate your casino slot wins right from your iOS device with Mr. Monopoly today.
Rating: 4.3

Wild Wolf Slots Android Review

Wild Wolf SlotsFor everyone who loves both wolves and an exciting game of slots their dream slots game is here: Wild Wolf Slots. Made by Red Tap Apps, LLC, this mobile game for Android gives the player the excitement of authentic Vegas style slots in the palm of their hand. Featuring sharp graphics of wolves, bears, and even lions each spin really does have that fancy casino style slots feel to it. For anyone who’s looking for a mobile slots game that mimics the real thing, Wild Wolf Slots will really make a great addition to their game library.

The style of slots is fairly simple in Wild Wolf Slots. The “machine” consists of three rows x five columns which you spin in hopes of lining up the various animal themed symbols. Spinning the slots is fun and easy and can get quite addictive. The game allows you to play using three different templates; one featuring wolves, another featuring bears, and a third featuring lions. This is great for people who crave variety, something even the most hardcore wolf lovers can appreciate. That being said, the nature of the game itself doesn’t change which may put of some people who want more of a variety in game play.

Features and Game Play

The game play for Wild Wolf Slots is very simple and straight forward. You spin the slots and either you win or you don’t. That being said, there are some bonus features that can get you pumped up about the game such as daily bonuses, mega rooms, and also daily free coins. This can be a big incentive to keep playing as it add a sort of multilayered experience that many mobile slots games don’t bother to include. There are also extra free games built in as well to keep players occupied.One unique feature that sets this slots game apart from others is the fact that it has an experience and leveling up system somewhat similar to what you’d find in a multi-player online role playing game such as World of Warcraft. However, instead of earning EXP and leveling up by battling monsters and wizards, the player gets EXP based on how they do playing the slots game. This can get very addictive as one might imagine and in some ways leveling up the player account becomes even more exciting than the actual slots game itself. This sort of meta game really adds a bit of spice to this mobile app.


On the surface Wild Wolf Slots may seem like just another animal themed slots game for Android based mobile devices. However, giving the game a chance will reveal a certain depth and charm that goes beyond simply lining up rows of wolves, bears, and lions for big payouts. The bonuses are a nice touch but the EXP system is what really makes the game something that players will want to come back to again and again when they have a bit of time to pull out their mobile device and play around with the game a bit.The game itself is very simple and easy to get into making it something that players of all experience levels can enjoy for hours. The bonuses, extra rooms, free coins, and other concepts are easy to understand and make use of and the interface itself is intuitive and easy to use. Overall Wild Wolf Slots manages to stand out from the pack thanks to its special features and make a name for itself in the mobile slots genre. The final score for this wolf based slots game is a respectable – 3.5/5.