Cascade from the iTunes App Store

CascadeShowcase your matching skills and talents with the all-new Cascade gaming app from the iTunes App Store. This unique game takes you through 27 different levels that increasingly become more difficult. If you get lost along the way, you have your mole friend to dig you out of a hole. Let’s dig a little deeper into this game and see what makes it so popular.


The game begins on level one with a little instructional display on how the game works and how to play. You go through levels trying to match up colored jewels with their counterparts by switching out the pieces that don’t match. Match three or more to receive points and create a cascade when you successfully match all parts. There are also rainbow colored jewels that can take the shape and form of any of the on your playing board. As the game progresses you will find an increase in number of moves needed to complete a level and an increased number of different colored jewels. You gain credits as you go along which can be used for level upgrades and helping you when you get stuck on a level. The farther you get into the game the more strategic it becomes. Recommended gameplay is for those ages 10 and up, due to increasing difficulties. You can also connect your device with friends and challenge them to timed level competitions and other contests.


This app is made available through the iTunes App store. Download is free and completes rather quickly with a secure connection. You will want to have an Apple device or have a device that will support the use of the iTunes App store in order to play. There are various in-app purchases such as a coins package or an extra lives package. Purchasing the in-app items can be useful in order to succeed in a quicker fashion, but are not necessary to your success in the game.


Do you have what it takes to match all the jewels and get your mole to his desired location? Take the journey today and experience the rush of each level. Enjoy the many bonus features that accompany you in your journey and you’ll have your little friend there in no time at all. Download Cascade today and begin your journey.