Candy Dozer Coin Splash

Candy Dozer App Review Candy Dozer Coin Splash by Sizzle Entertainment

Coin Dozer is a very simple, yet entertaining game of luck which can be found in many casinos, carnivals, amusement parks, circuses and much more. It is really simple to play. All a player needs is plenty of coins and a player throws them into the machine. For every coin thrown inside, a lever activates and pushes coins toward the edge of the platform. If any coins fall over that edge, they belong to the player.

Since this is a simple game, its modern game app versions usually have a twist which will make playing more interesting. The same is with the Candy Dozer Coin Splash. It is a game for all iOS 5.1 or newer devices. Only thing a player must do is to download a game into the device for free and he will have a chance to enjoy this classic game with an unusual twist. The player must make sure there is plenty of time when he starts playing because a player won’t even notice how the time flies.

Features of Candy Dozer Coin Splash

Before someone decides to download this game to their device, there are some things to consider.¬† If a player is looking for a way to earn money by gambling online, he will have to find some other app since there is no way to exchange coins earned in this game into the real money. And finally, all those that are successful in this game shouldn’t expect to be equally successful in a real coin dozer game for the real money. Like in any game of luck, luck can change at any moment. However, those things can be said about any game of luck on the market.

There is no limits for all players which own an iPod, iPad or iPhone with the 5.1 or later iOS to download Candy Dozer Coin Splash. The difference between this game and other coin dozer games is that here player won’t play with coins, but with candies. Also, successful player will get plenty of candies and even more sugar treats for bonuses. They should only be careful not to get a cavity. We are kidding, but this game is really, really sweet. This game is as fun and addictive as candies hidden inside.

Candy Dozer Coin Splash Overall

All players that are still young in heart will enjoy this classic game of luck with a twist. However, everyone can have a good time playing a game where players use candies instead of coins. Luckily, those are not real candies or their tooth won’t be too happy. On the other side, everyone can be happy with the playful graphic and sounds. When we put it all together, this is a great game for spending some free time, or for killing time while there is nothing else to do, like in a line in a bank or while waiting for a bus. This game is pure fun and no doubt that when someone decides to play it; they will have a lot of fun and won’t get bored. After all, life is too short to be bored.