Black Diamond Casino is Fun and Addicting!

Black Diamond CasinoBlack Diamond Casino is extremely easy to download onto your Android. The first thing that you will receive is a free gift of six hundred thousand coins, and a free spin gem. Next, you will notice that in the bottom right corner of your screen you can connect to Facebook to gain 3 million coins. You do not need to connect to Facebook, but why wouldn’t you?

Ok. Now the fun starts! Choose your slot machine to play. You have seventeen slots to choose from, and each one has its own special feature. The hidden dagger game looks fun, has great graphics, wilds, and 2 different bonuses! while spinning you can collect daggers one at a time until you fill up the special bar and activate the dagger bonus.

What challenge or incentive does this game provide? With every spin you get more experience, and when you level up you can lot of coins, and eventually you will gain enough levels to open up another slot machine. Some machines require you to be level 5, or 10 to play them, while some require you to be at least level 15 to play, giving you plenty of incentive to return again and again.

Should you invest real money into this game? It is definitely worth the money you spend. There are many two times sales where you can get 4 million coins for just $1.99, and with so many games costing less than 25,000 per spin, you will have weeks’ worth of fun. Of course there is always the possibility that your 4 million coins can turn into 80 million coins, and that kind of fun is worth more than just $1.99.

The sound, and visual quality of each slot machine, and the selection screen is great. You will consistently have high quality sound, without any skips or other problems. You will also never see any random flashes, or colors on your screen.

The rewards that Black Diamond slots give its players is great, not only do you receive the free coins, and new slots from leveling up, but you also receive V.I.P. points. the V.I.P. status that you have given you an extra percentage of coins that you purchase giving you more chances to get the amazing win you want! Come play today what are you waiting for!?