Slots Billionaire – Slot Apps Review

Slots BillionaireWhat online slots player wouldn’t want the opportunity to rack up bucks to the tune of billions? Slots Billionaire’s popularity proves that there aren’t many of you out there who wouldn’t like the opportunity to go for big bucks like that. When you download this free application from the Play Store, you get 20 big, fast-paced and creative online slots games that rake in the billions.

Highlights and Features

– Over 20 games: There are over 20 real-style casino slots machines here for you to play at your leisure. It’s easy to log on and pick the ones you think look most interesting.

– Frequent updates: Twice a month Slots Billionaire adds two more clever slot machines to its arsenal of casino power. You’ll be the beneficiary of those additions. This type of frequent update keeps players engaged and busy with the fun.

– Jackpots: The jackpot is big here. That’s one of the many things that slots fans look for. The more dollar signs you see, the greater the chance that you’re going to have a blast playing these games and the creators of Slots Billionaire aren’t just offering you millions, but billions, in prizes.

– Online or offline play: Don’t feel like comparing scores with your friends today? No problem! Just switch over to offline play to have the casino all to yourself for the day. You’ll find that except for comparing scores, the games are just as entertaining as they are when you’re playing online.

– Leaderboards: Most folks prefer to compare scores with friends. You get bragging rights when you hit jackpots and surpass the scores of your buddies on this amazing slots game.

Downloading this game is free and easy on the Google Play store. You’ll be able to play on your Android device and enjoy hours and hours of good, clean casino fun. Keep in mind that Slots Billionaire isn’t a real-money casino game. You won’t win real money by playing this game but you also won’t be spending any real money to get the pleasure of playing it. Thousands of players are actively playing this game right now and racking up the high scores daily on fun and funny games like Prized Pups, a slots machine with a puppy theme. Colorful graphics, real casino sounds, and big bucks make this one of the very best casino games out there for Android users.

Dragon City from iTunes Store

Dragon CityConstructing a play area for pets, feeding them accordingly, and taking care of them can be entertaining, but have you ever thought about owning a pet dragon? Dragon City is a unique application experience where the dragons become you pets, friends, and your trained protectors against enemy forces. Take a deeper look into the sensation that is Dragon City below with a review of the entire experience.

Aspects of Game Play

This app involves progressive game play with many games within the application. You start off the experience being instructed on the basics of the game, some of your objectives, and are given food, virtual gold, and jewels you’ll need throughout the game. You start with one dragon and can breed as many as you’d like with over 300 different species to choose from. You can also build a kingdom or place of living for each individual dragon you acquire through your time spent playing. Feed your dragons to make them level up quickly, name each one you own, and prepare them for battle against other opponents. This application is made available worldwide so that you can train your dragons to battle against anyone you’d like. Battles are simple and involve some strategic decision making as you navigate your way to victory. After playing for periods of time your materials, gold, and other such aspects regenerate. Inactivity does not harm your dragons, so rest assured each night.

In-App Purchases and Compatibilities

Since this application is a progressive game, there are in-app purchases that you can make to speed up certain aspects, such as more experience points, leveling up more quickly, and receiving goods faster than the waiting time period. Game play can still be made fun and efficient without in-app purchases and they are not needed to advance to higher levels, reveal more dragon species, and so forth. Since the application is made available through iTunes, you will need an apple device (phone, tablet, Mac, etc.) or a device that allows for the installation of the iTunes store. The download of either the iTunes store or the Dragon City app do not require any purchases and are available for the consumer free of charge. You can create an account to log in with each time to open your Dragon City app to save progress and moves you have made over time.

Tips and Advice

To advance a quicker pace with leveling up, experience points, and other such bonuses, feed your dragons and harvest materials from the places you have included on your map often. The dragons’ health is the essential area of focus and leveling them up before expanding your kingdom will open up greater opportunities for you later in the game. Battle opponents within the level you are currently at. When going into a battle, make sure to place your weakest dragons first and never enter a battle unless you have at least 3 dragons. Breed a few different types of dragons to diversify the ability to unlock unique cross-breeds and to better assist you in battle formats.


Dragon City is a truly interactive experience that will keep you focused in making sure you are strong enough to conquer any opponents or threats to your kingdom. Building your empire is rather simple and the abilities you have within the app are extremely extensive, leaving nothing lacking from the realm of your imagination. Put your skills to the test today and see if you can build a kingdom that rules the land.

Quick Hit Slots by Google Play

Quick Hits SlotsQuick Hit Slots brings a whole new slot experience right to your fingertips. With a massive library of different machines and different themes you are given a multitude of ways to hit it big. Most of the slots featured on this app come directly from the designers of most slots you will find in Las Vegas. So bring the Las Vegas experience home today with you in the convenience of an app.

Slot Types

The wide variety in Vegas and their slot machines has brought you a playing experience like no other. Take your credits and search the slot floor for a game that suits your mood or playing style. Want to get a taste of the barterer experience? Then try out the Pawn Star modeled slot machines that let you barter goods you earn throughout playing that game. Try taking a shot at finding the pirate’s booty in the fun Treasure Chest slot game. Sit back and relax in the luxury of living out a dream in the Playboy mansion as you try for a shot at some of Hef’s riches in the Playboy slot game. The options and opportunities are almost endless with this unique slot playing experience.

Credit Earning

Credits can be earned through a multitude of fashions. You can link your Facebook account to your device and gain credits at a quicker pace then jus the hourly and daily bonuses. As mentioned, you receive a daily bonus of credits to put forth at any slot machine you would like. Some slots remain locked up until you gain enough experience points to use them. The more you play the more you unlock and the bigger your daily and hourly bonus credit payouts become.

The slots themselves, since they are modeled by Vegas slot makers, have odds similar to those you’ll find in Vegas. The betting experience could never be more real and the slot graphics give you that realistic feel of being in Vegas. The odds seem more in your favor when you are beginning you’re playing experience. You seem to hit it decently on whichever machine you choose in hopes of building your bankroll to spread it around to other machines and other playing formats.

Application Formats

The Quick Hit Slots application is made available through the Google Play store. It is a free app that allows for in-game purchases, but they are not required from the user. You can set-up a guest account on the app itself or link it to your Facebook as previously mentioned. Most android devices will support the use of this app and you’ll need a Google Play store account to be eligible for download. The download time is lightning fast so you’ll be set-up and playing in no time at all.


By bringing you your favorite formats in a wide variety of fashions, it is no wonder that Quick Hit Slots is truly a ‘hit’ with its app users. Try out the many different versions of slots offered and uncover some of the bonus games made unique to each game. The playing experience remains exciting as you jump from machine to machine with this unique app experience. Find out which slot suits you the best today with Quick Hit Slots.

Slots of Fun App Review

Slots of FunThe slot machine is a staple in the gambling world. Whenever one sees images of Vegas in movies or legendary films about gamblers, the slot machine is the classic get rich quick without losing all my money scheme. The pull of a lever here and you have the chance of winning a ton of money in seconds. Slot machine apps have long striven toward recreating this feeling and all of its thrills, but Slots of Fun is the first app to actually do so. It is somehow capable of recreating the thrill of that experience from the comfort of your handheld device. The thrill of playing is akin to that of actually heading to a casino, without all of the tough looking guys that may or may not have it in for you if you win.

The name of the game itself is worth a look. Slots of Fun is the first app that actually is capable of taking a slot machine game and making it…. somewhat interesting! More than that the game is uniquely designed and a joy to play, there is absolutely no lag time or crude digital design. The multiple themes allow you to savor the game and enjoy watching it work as opposed to mindlessly swiping in order to fulfill some kind of need to win. Slot machine games are not typically interesting, but Slots of Fun has managed to take slot machines apps in a bold new direction that, in all honesty, is quite thrilling to watch.

One of the most exciting features to this app is the tournament feature. Everything is always more fun with a little competition to keep things fresh. Most slot machine apps do not do this, however. One is typically just spinning the machine over and over until it produces the desired outcome. This is satisfying yes, but it is missing something. Other apps that have the tournament feature are unable to accurately replicate the experience provided by Slots of Fun, and typically have a lot of lag or a grainy design that is no fun to look at let alone play one. This problem is not anywhere close to being an issue, as the game has beautiful resolution that permits you to get the most out of the game through stunning visuals that are fun to look at and remind one of the Vegas casinos, in all of their extravagance and splendor.

The many themes are intergalactic, for those who love the idea of playing a slot machine in space, fruity for those who like the idea of playing in a bar with a lot of fruity drinks, elephants and animals for those looking for the wildlife safari feel and puppies for those who just think that slot machines should provide cute things and nothing else. Slots of Fun is truly a game that can be played over and over with all of the different visuals it offers. You will not get bored, and you will not find a better slots app anywhere.

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro is a real time statistical roulette simulator created and released by FRDSoft in the latter half of 2014. This game is one of the most detailed roulette analysis tools and has many different uses besides entertainment value. You can use this game to figure out statistical combinations that are likely to win in roulette but it is not limited to work usage. This is also a very entertaining game that lets users feel like they are stepping into a casino and up to a roulette wheel to spin for their fortunes. In this analysis we will examine the features of Roulette Pro and go over a quick summary of the game features as well as where you can get it and how much it will cost you if anything.

This game was developed by FRDSoft and it stands apart from the rest of the roulette simulators in some pretty significant ways. This game is meant to be much more than a simple roulette game- it is meant to do statistical analysis of different combinations of roulette bets. Unlike many other games it also has a difficulty setting which goes all the way up from low to high. Over time you will be able to track your hands and even export them to an outside program for later review. While you have many different choices for roulette simulators very few of them reach this level of depth and quality. If you are looking for a way to statistically track your roulette spins this is a top notch choice.

This is one of the pricier roulette apps in the store but it comes with many different features just not found anywhere else. Currently purchasing the app comes at a price of 20.99 which gets you full time access to all of the features of the game. Plug in as many different combinations of spins as you want and track them in real time. The processor on your phone or iPad will be strong enough to do the computations and you can use built in app support to automatically make the results of your findings populate in your Apple email or whatever other email client you are using on your mobile device or phone. This game is pretty much the ultimate in roulette spin analysis. If you have any interest in making your roulette spins better Roulette Pro is a must download.

Slots Farm for iOS

Slots FarmSlots Farm by Games OS Limited is a multi-game app featuring over twenty-six (26) popular Facebook-based slot machine games. The app has recently received upgrade that enable users of iOS 6.0 to iOS9-supported devices to download and install the free Slots Farm app from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Once installed, Slots Farm players can opt to link their app to Games OS’ Facebook page and receive additional coin rewards. As alternative, they can also play as guest without the need to provide any personal information and to play instantly with the “Run, Chicken Run” slot.

Playing the “Run, Chicken, Run” slot will enable players to gain experience points and attain achievements. As players level up in their game, app users will be able to unlock more titles, such as the Aztec Slot, Freaky Fruit, and Freaky Bandit and the rest of the slot games offered by Slots Farm. From time to time, some titles become instantly accessible regardless of one’s playing level, apparently as some kind of special game offer.

One of the benefits of connecting one’s Slots Farm app to Games OS’ Facebook page is the go-to-app functionality. It allows app users to switch easily from the browser-based FB page of the developer, to the app-user’s mobile-based Facebook. Moreover, users of FB-connected Slots Farm app, receive additional 5,000 coins on top of the 500-coin Welcome Bonus. The FB connection likewise enables players to share bonuses as well as send gifts to their circle of fellow Slots Farm players at FB.

Some players might instantly look for the auto play feature, as it is common to most slot machine games. However, all new Slots Farm players must first reach certain game levels before they can access the Auto-Play feature. That way, those still new to the concept of slot machine gaming, will be able to get the hang of how slot games are played, and of how wagers are placed.

More of Slots Farm’s Key App Features

Once the app has been installed in an iPhone or iPad, the Slots Farm User Interface immediately presents a slider menu showcasing the different slot titles.

A pleasing addition to the app’s reward-doling attribute is a mini-slot game that furnishes extra supply of coins.Posing as additional sources of gold coin are the gradually increasing Daily Bonus rewards that players can claim, by playing daily with any of the available titles.

In the event that Slots Farm players want to speed up the process of completing missions and earning points that work toward the attainment of higher game levels, they might consider buying power ups for each game. The “Run, Chicken, Run” slot for one, offers Free Spins, Quick Spins, and Win-Multipliers as win-boosters, albeit available as real money purchases in the virtual market place. An FB-connected Slots Farm app can access the booster using any device. As opposed to guest accounts that could access the boosters, using only the device in which the Slots Farm app is installed.

The most significant attribute that app users love best about Slots Farm is the absence of push notifications or advertisements about other game applications to download. The only notifications appearing during the game are messages about the games unlocked, the missions completed as well as words of encouragement to share one’s achievements at Facebook.

Slots Forever by Grande Games

Slots ForeverSlots Forever, the play for fun casino games app by Grande Games may seem like the typical multi-slot game application. It strives to be different though, as the game’s most recent update (September 28, 2015) saw to the addition of two progressive jackpot games.

Slots Forever also offers live tournaments for not just one but several events, albeit availability and eligibility depend on the Slots Forever player’s current playing level. Occasionally, Slots Forever rolls out special events, offering rewards of extra coins and/or Diamonds. The Diamond Frenzy event for one, awards players with 3x Diamonds for every spin made during 31 minutes of play.

Slots Forever is available to users of smartphones and tablets running on Android versions 2.3 and up. This multi-slots mobile application has been rated 12+ as a free to download game app at the Google Play Store.

Slots Forever Game Features

This app is quite generous with its 100K Welcome Bonus and regular supply of $20K virtual coins every two hours. Every time a player levels up, he or she receives bonus coin rewards starting at 10K. Yet the bonus rewards increase after every leveling up achievement. Leveling up also means greater amounts of maximum bets to stake per spin.

Slots Forever has a continuously increasing collection of nearly 30 slot titles, two (2) of which are readily available to play. The Dragon Wild slot features a jackpot prize that can be won by collecting flames spewed by a fiery dragon. The slot seems to have take inspiration from The Hobbit, as the icons include images that have great resemblance to Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins and Orlando Bloom’s Legolas characters. The Storm Queen, another title available to all players regardless of level achievement, features full-reel Wilds.

The other titles can be unlocked every after four-level achievement, starting with Level 4 to Level 8, 12, 16, 24 and so forth . Unlike other multi-slots apps in which players have to complete a certain number of stages for each title to become available, Slots Forever allows players to carry on with their level up progress whilst playing with any of the unlocked games.

The Slots Forever progressive jackpot contents starts at Level 16, and two more that can be unlocked at Levels 88 and 156.

Slots Forever App Features and Control Mechanisms

Slots Forever app does not require a user to open an account to play with the featured titles. Still, app users who will connect their Slots Forever app to their Facebook account will enjoy extra benefits. Such benefits include receiving additional 50K coins as welcome bonus, in addition to more offers of special gifts. FB-connected app users can send, as well as receive gift to and from their circle of Slots Forever FB friends.

The Home page is clutter free and presents only the Slots Forever titles via a slider menu. Tapping on the featured Dragon Wild and Storm Queen thumbnail icons immediately opens the game. Games that are still inaccessible automatically unlock and becomes available whenever a player reaches the corresponding playing level,. To play the game, users must first place the bet amount they wish to wager per spin.

To adjust the bet amount, app users need only to tap on the Bet Size and the Line buttons to view the different betting sizes and payline options per spin. The app automatically calculates the bet amount. The autoplay feature can be activated by tapping and holding the SPIN button for a while.

Slots Forever has a VIP Program offering reward packages to loyal and avid players. All newbies start as a VIP member at Tier 1 or Copper membership status. Elevating to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status will increase their Bonus Coin rewards, including the extras added to in-app coin purchases.

Slot Vacation

Slot VacationSlot Vacation is a slot travelogue ideal for those staying at home during a holiday staycation. They can embark on a virtual trip to the tropical islands and exotic far-away places, whilst enjoying slot games similar to those offered at land-based and online casinos.

Slot Vacation app works compatibly with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices running on iOS versions 6.0 and later and is free to download at the iTunes App Store.

Mobile entertainment app provider Scopely updated the app last September 22, 2015 to make the games the way Slots Vacation app users want them to be. Scopely said they listened well and paid heed to player feedback. This inspired them to enhance the performance and contents of titles such as Olympus, Stone Henge, Snow White and Sugar Paradise.

Slots Vacation Game Features

Slots Vacation still has eighteen (18) free slot games to offer, presented with colourful cartoon-style graphics that depict vacation destinations and even fantasy worlds. Initially, the game readily accessible is the Tropical Island, with which players can dabble not only in reel-spinning actions but also in a round of 10 pachinko games featured as Bonus Round.

Although the other games are still inaccessible, Slots Vacation players can unlock them not only by leveling up but also by collecting totems that randomly appear in any slot game currently being played. Tap on the COLLECTION button to view a vacation location with missing images. The images appear as randomly generated totems during slot play. Collecting all images and completing the scene will unlock one of the games. Moreover, players are rewarded with a Treasure Chest that upgrades the regular coin bonus supplied by the app at intervals of every three or more hours.

Slots Vacation will also unlock some games at random instances, usually games related to a holiday currently being celebrated in different parts of the world. However, in those instances, the unlocked game can be played for a limited time, usually for five hours.

The Slot Tournaments remain as fixtures, as hundreds of players are still very much a part of the daily competition. To be eligible in joining a tournament, a player must meet the Playing Level requirement. The Vegas Night Tournament is accessible to Level 7 players, while the Panda, Panda, Panda Tournament unlocks at Level 20.

The Spin Wheel is another Slots Vacation feature that players can play daily. Bonus coin rewards increase with every day of play, to give slot players additional coins to use as bet money.

Win-boosting elements such as Wild Symbols can appear as Expanded Wilds to increase chances of forming winning payline combinations. Scatter Symbols trigger a Free-Spins Bonus Game, while a Bonus Symbol activates an instant-win mini-game.

Slots Vacation App Features and Game Controls

The Slots Vacation home page contains a slider menu showcasing the different games offered. Although initially presented as locked games, unlocking them does not pose any difficulty since playing with the available titles will enable players to level up, without requiring app users to perform quests or complete game stages.

Keep in mind though that the higher the game level played, the higher the minimum bet value per spin. So it would be best not to squander coins to avoid depleting one’s bankroll before the next supply of bonus coins are ready for collection. Nonetheless, players who run out of coins can purchase them in packs at the in-app store, in exchange for real money. Those who prefer to keep playing free can receive coin gifts from their Facebook friends. However, they first have to link their Slots Vacation app to their Facebook account.

Nonetheless, the slot games are simulations of the real-money casino slots, in which bets are adjustable but kept within the required betting level. Simply tap on the plus (1) or minus (-) sign to increase or decrease the amount staked per spin. Tap on the PUSH button to spin the reels or Tap and Hold for a while to Autospin.

Bestway Sports And Casino

BestWay Sports and Casino App ReviewBestway Sports And Casino By Edward Slusher

The developers of BestWay Sports and Casino really did a stellar job by building a game that makes room for over forty (40) awesome casino games. Playing any of these games on BestWay Sports and Casino provides the kind of gaming experience that can only felt when you enter any of the real casino centres around the world but until then this is the only gaming app that can give you the exact feeling that you will get from casino cities like Las Vegas and Macau.

This is a game that sees to it that you are given an equal playing platform so that you can all enjoy the time that you spend online. A lot of the online casino games can only be played by people who are regarded as being experts or the gurus in casino games which make it very difficult for the beginners to have any kind of fun when playing it. BestWay Sports and Casino is just made to suit the gaming needs of both the novice and the guru as it comes with its own instructions which can also be disabled especially by those who already know their way around such games.

The main objective of BestWay Sports and Casino is for you to try and outplay the dealer in any of the blackjack games that you will decide to play.

Features of BestWay Sports and Casino

With BestWay Sports and Casino, you are provided a number of quality casino games that can only be found in the best of casino centres. In actual sense, BestWay Sports and Casino provides you with more than forty (40) casino games which includes Roulette, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps and a lot of other quality casino games.

You also get to have one of the best graphics which in addition to the sound makes it very exciting and surreal to play.

There is also the opportunity of you being able to make in-app purchases whilst playing the BestWay Sports and Casino. This means that whenever you run out of gaming resources like chips and coins, you can always buy some right from the online store of the gaming app. With such a feature, the gaming experience always ends when you decide to end it.

Even though this game comes with the feature of in-app purchases, there is also another feature with which you can decide not to make any purchases and go with the credits that will be provided for you on a daily basis.

BestWay Sports and Casino Overall

First of all, you get to download this game free of charge and you can also play it even without having to buy any credit. This coupled with its awesome graphics and sound makes it a very handy casino game for you which are the reasons why I have decided to give it ten out of ten when it comes to overall rating.

Aprils Casino

Aprils Casino  App Review Aprils Casino by Top Hat Apps Limited

Many people wonder what is all that fuss about casinos. Why is that so popular? Those people who were in a casino could tell them that it is so popular because of the atmosphere, great games, many interesting people hanging there and, above all, the possibility of the winning of big money. Of course, most people are aware that chances are always on the side of the casino and no matter how good someone plays, he is likely going to spend money and not getting it, but it is a pure prospect of winning which makes people eager to play.

The biggest disadvantages of the casinos are the fact that they are not very common and most small cities have none and the fact that most people spend money, sometimes even large amounts of it in a casino. Luckily, there is a possibility to enjoy all the thrill of the casino games without the discomfort of traveling and even bigger discomfort of losing money. There are plenty of apps which can bring a casino to the mobile device of any kind, and one of the best is Aprils Casino.

Features of Aprils Casino

Most people that are looking for an interesting game app may think that this is just another casino game with the plenty of different games, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and slots. What makes this game special is the host of the game, famous international model April Summers. She will lead a player through the game in several real videos so that anyone can feel a real Las Vegas casino atmosphere. Real video clips are making the atmosphere even more vivid. It is done with a huge help of the great sounds and graphics. Also, people that choose this game soon will be able to play for real with the real live dealers.

This game is free to download and there are some free coins to start playing with. There are more free coins during the play, but if someone needs more coins, they can be bought through in-app purchases. For all those who decide to download Aprils Casino, all they need is a device with iOS 4.2 or later. When it is downloaded, there are no limits to when and where it can be played. As long as there is some free time, on a metro station, in a bank line, during the break on the university, at the home and so on.

Aprils Casino App Review Aprils Casino Overall

All those who love going into the casino will love this game. A real person, famous model April Summers will lead them through the game and that, along with the excellent graphics and sounds will make them feel like they just entered in a casino. Before anyone takes a device and starts downloading, there are few warnings to consider. There is no way to earn money with this game. It is a free game and a player can purchase coins if he needs them, but there is no way to exchange coins earned in a game into the real money. And finally, this game can be used to learn playing many casino games and people can be really successful in it, but it doesn’t mean in any way someone is going to be equally successful in some future games, real or on some device.