Aprils Casino

Aprils Casino  App Review Aprils Casino by Top Hat Apps Limited

Many people wonder what is all that fuss about casinos. Why is that so popular? Those people who were in a casino could tell them that it is so popular because of the atmosphere, great games, many interesting people hanging there and, above all, the possibility of the winning of big money. Of course, most people are aware that chances are always on the side of the casino and no matter how good someone plays, he is likely going to spend money and not getting it, but it is a pure prospect of winning which makes people eager to play.

The biggest disadvantages of the casinos are the fact that they are not very common and most small cities have none and the fact that most people spend money, sometimes even large amounts of it in a casino. Luckily, there is a possibility to enjoy all the thrill of the casino games without the discomfort of traveling and even bigger discomfort of losing money. There are plenty of apps which can bring a casino to the mobile device of any kind, and one of the best is Aprils Casino.

Features of Aprils Casino

Most people that are looking for an interesting game app may think that this is just another casino game with the plenty of different games, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and slots. What makes this game special is the host of the game, famous international model April Summers. She will lead a player through the game in several real videos so that anyone can feel a real Las Vegas casino atmosphere. Real video clips are making the atmosphere even more vivid. It is done with a huge help of the great sounds and graphics. Also, people that choose this game soon will be able to play for real with the real live dealers.

This game is free to download and there are some free coins to start playing with. There are more free coins during the play, but if someone needs more coins, they can be bought through in-app purchases. For all those who decide to download Aprils Casino, all they need is a device with iOS 4.2 or later. When it is downloaded, there are no limits to when and where it can be played. As long as there is some free time, on a metro station, in a bank line, during the break on the university, at the home and so on.

Aprils Casino App Review Aprils Casino Overall

All those who love going into the casino will love this game. A real person, famous model April Summers will lead them through the game and that, along with the excellent graphics and sounds will make them feel like they just entered in a casino. Before anyone takes a device and starts downloading, there are few warnings to consider. There is no way to earn money with this game. It is a free game and a player can purchase coins if he needs them, but there is no way to exchange coins earned in a game into the real money. And finally, this game can be used to learn playing many casino games and people can be really successful in it, but it doesn’t mean in any way someone is going to be equally successful in some future games, real or on some device.