Apocalypse Slots

Apocalypse Slots App Review Apocalypse Slots Zombie Machine by 12 Points App LCC

Modern slots look different. Instead of the reels, there is a screen, instead of the spinning there is a computer generated spin and instead of the level there is a button. Themes evolved and today there are slots with all possible themes, styles and pictures. For example, you can find a game with the zombie theme and one of those is Apocalypse Slots Zombie Machine.

Features of Apocalypse Slots Zombie Machine

As the name says, this game is all about slots and zombies. This is a typical mobile game developed for iOS 6.0 or later. All those that have an iPhone, iPad or iPod with required operating system and 25 MB memory space can download this game and start playing. Before any player does so, he must be aware that this is just a game for fun and not for money.

This game is completely free, a new player will get 2,500 free coins when he starts playing, and he can get more free coins, maximum 5,000 on a daily basis. So, there is no need at all to spend any real money on this game. On the other hand, there is no way to earn any real money as well. Once a player is aware of this, there is no limits to the enjoyment someone can have with zombies on the slot reels. The graphic is qualityful and fun, just like anyone would expect from this kind of app, and sounds mimic real casino sounds for a better atmosphere. It has a retina graphic which makes looking really good and natural. Every player can check results on a leaderboard and see how good he is compared with other players.

Apocalypse Slots Zombie Machine Overall

All potential players which are looking for a game which is funny, interesting and addictive, and that love to play slots, this could be a perfect choice. It is even better if you love zombie movies, books, and other game. When it is downloaded on the device, a player can have unlimited fun playing it, no matter where or when. After a while, every player will have a chance to see how he is climbing on a leaderboard.

This game can be used as a practice for a potential real game of slots, but every player which does so should keep this in mind. This is a pure game of luck. It means that no matter how good a player is in this game, it is not a guarantee for any future success in this or similar games. Every player that wants to play for a real money must make sure not to spend too much. In any case, playing Apocalypse Slots Zombie Machine is a much better solution. It will give the thrill and fun, without most disadvantages real games have.