Age of Slots

Age of Slots App Review Age of Slots by 12 Point App LCC

The story of slots started at the end of the 19th century when first machines with five reels appeared. They contained poker cards and winning combinations were based on different poker combinations. Those simple machines became popular quickly for two reasons. Older models had a lever on one side which started the spinning of the wheels so they resemble the person with one arm.

Modern slots are computer operated machines with the screen where virtual reels spin and there is a button to start spinning. They are a regular part of the equipment in casinos all over the world and they are without any doubt among the most popular games there. Today, poker cards are replaced with thousands of different signs combinations and all slots lovers will never get bored with them.

Features of Age of Slots

There are many slots games potential players can get online. They are good for several reasons. First, most of them are free, or they cost just a few dollars. Second, once it is downloaded, an owner can play it without limits and there is no need to look for the nearest casino. And last, but not the least, it is not like a player will spend a fortune while playing it. One of the games with those features is Age of Slots. Everybody which is looking for a good and funny slots simulation, this is a perfect choice.

Age of Slots App Review The only thing necessary is a device with the iOS 6.0 or later and 42 MB of space in the memory of the device. The game is free and a player will get 500 free coins to start playing and there is plenty of different bonus rounds and other opportunities to get more free coins. So, there is no need to spend real money at all. However, if a player needs more coins, he can buy them for a really good price.

This game is inspired with the Vikings and their life and all the elements in it are related to them. Bonus games are an opportunity to earn more rewards in a short amount of time. Funny graphics and real casino sounds will make the game even more interesting. While playing, a player can climb up to the leaderboard and enjoy in hours of fun no matter where he is at that moment.

Age of Slots Overall

All potential players which are looking for a good and funny game of slots, Age of Slots can be a great choice. However, those who want to earn some real money while playing will have to search more because there is no way to transfer coins from the game into the real money. If this game makes a player believe he can be good in real slots games, it is good to remember this is a game of luck and luck can change at any moment. Every person with some free time to spend, like while waiting in a subway or in a bank, or during a lunch break, can use that time and play Age of Slots.