Be a Winner with Spin It Rich! Casino Slots

Spin it Rich

You love the idea of playing the slot machines in Las Vegas, but you do not want to waste money. There is a way that you can play without gambling or feeling guilty with Spin It Rich! Casino Slots.

Spin it Rich! Casino Slots is a great new slots game for is smart devices. You will be getting coin bonuses every 2 hours and bonus games that let you collect even more free coins to continue playing. Best of all you get to play slots that even Las Vegas does not have, like the Superman slot.

The Superman slot lets you bet and help Superman save the world from Lex Luthor. It also leads you through other familiar story lines in the film like reversing time just to save his beloved Lois Lane. You can be the big blue scout-boy while playing some awesome slots. And, besides, how can you lose if you are playing as the man of steel? There is also the Godzilla slots, where you get to help the city of Japan fend off this horrendous monster that is threatening life as this civilization knows it. And you get to do this while playing the slots.

You can also play the Willy Wonka slots and take a trip down that wonderful world of imagination. You will see all the great candies that only the candyman can conjure up. And you will also have the opportunity to go through slots with the Oompa Loompas by your side, which could bring you a bit of luck.

Those of you who are interested in a little bit of horror and a little bit of sexiness might find the Elvira slots excited. She is as dark and spunky as you might remember her in her slot game. The slots will also present some of those dates and silly horror movies that she seems to love. You will get to laugh and win some cash at once.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the slot games offered. Adding some of these themes has been great for the Spin It Rich! Casino Slots. Many of the players have expressed nostalgia but also more excitement because they know what should happen during the game. They get to influence the story. Making sure that the game feels inclusive was one of the goals for the game developers of the game.

What you have to remember about these slots machines is that they were created to bring you into the experience. This means that you can expect great graphics, images, videos, and sound effects. The point is that you will feel like you are in the slot games.

As you can see, there is a lot that you might enjoy about the Spin It Rich! Casino Slots.

Slots Blaze Slot App Review

Slots Blaze App

Slots Blaze lets you fully immerse yourself in the casino slot gaming experience. This adult slot game allows you to choose from an array of themed slots with cutting edge graphics. You can play online and offline at your convenience from wherever you are. The slot games load quickly and give you the freedom of playing on any device. No matter what your style is, there is a Slots Blaze game for you. The highly interactive slots are well designed and certain to not disappoint. The online casino gaming community has improved with the addition of thrilling slots that give you a genuine casino experience.

Whether you’re new to online gaming or experienced, Slots Blaze will give you the experience you’ve been looking for. Enjoy the slots for free on any mobile device from anywhere. You can try your hand at an array of betting options to see if you can reach your jackpot goal. Get free bonus spins to increase your winnings. These well-developed, exciting slot games are entirely free. Use the game timer to time yourself until the next big win. If you’re feeling brave, enter tournament mode and unlock the potential power of the biggest jackpot. Get the experience of knowing how many wins you can achieve in one sitting.

These highly innovative games created by talented developers will take you on adventure you’ve never experienced from your phone or tablet before. Witness casino gaming entertainment like you’ve never seen it before. Play inventive, new casino slots without needing to get dressed for the occasion. Enjoy playing in a fair play casino and see how many bonuses you can win. Get ready to feel the rush of your next big win. Play conservatively or take your bets to the max when you take a spin. Pick your imagery of choice; from the kangaroos of Plunder Down Under to the massive octopus of The Kraken Unleashed, Slots Blaze is certain to give you a thrill. Pull on the slots today to see how many winnings you’re able to collect and how much you’re willing to bet to win again!


Super Gorilla

Super Gorilla Slots

Super Gorilla Slots offers hours of slot machine gambling excellence from the vicinity of your own home. With this free casino game application, you can scratch that slot machine itch whenever it arises and no matter where you are currently located, as long as you can gain internet access or network support. Super Gorilla Slots provides a unique casino experience for game lovers, and is elegant and pristine to look at.

Created by Rocket Games, this free slot machine application is available on multiple mobile device play stores such as the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The visual appeal of the jungle themes slot machines offers an interesting and compelling take on a traditional experience. Instead of having to deal with the same look and feel as other slot machines, you are presented with a tropical experience that puts you right into the heart of the land that the game emulates. You will have your breath taken away from the visualization of the jungle environment, and you can almost taste and smell the plant life around you.

A great feature to Super Gorilla Slots is the ability to play your favorite virtual machines offline as well as online. This feature means that even in the most secluded places in the world, the jungle included, you can try your hand at hitting a jackpot. Each jungle themes slot machine gives excellent payouts, meaning that when you do win, and your chances are fairly high, that you will win big.

Super Gorilla Slots offers an excellent casino experience away from the chaotic atmosphere of a real casino environment. With access to different hand painted high definition backgrounds in areas representing the Mayan rainforest, as well as animal themes such as the Gorilla himself in Gorilla Gold, this game is an experience you will not soon forget.

Super Gorilla Slots is a compelling and visually stunning casino gaming masterpiece that is highly rated and heavily played through the mobile gaming community. Take advantage of this free application today by downloading and playing it on your mobile device. You will not regret the many hours of exciting game play that this game provides for you, and the fact you can play it literally anywhere without the fear of losing your internet connection makes it that much more versatile and functional.

Slots Secret App Review

slots-secret-appSlots Secret is one of the best free Las Vegas machine hubs, and you can find double fun with this casino game. This app, Slot Secrets, makes sure you get your unlimited casino entertainment for FREE, and you’ll especially appreciate the high-quality graphics and effects that come with this casino app.

It goes quickly, as quickly as a speeding light. You’ll love how quickly you can play casino games with this app, and you’re sure to appreciate the games’ high-quality performance. It is fairly easy to win, but not too easy, for what would a casino game be like if it were always too easy? Slots Secret seeks to challenge you as you play casino games, but you’ll love the challenge, and you’ll keep coming back for more as you seek to make sure you get your casino fix.

The game itself can be played in all these: iPad and iPhone and iPad touch systems, and you’ll appreciate how quickly you can gain coins, both by purchasing them and by winning them in the games. It’s a special game, and it’s got everything you need to play, including a new slots’ machine, Troll’s Gold, which has been called “best of the web” by many reviewers.

In the new 1.6 optimal experience of Slots Secret, you can fix all the bugs in the game automatically by letting the computer app work its magic, and playing Troll’s Gold is actually a pretty good way to spend some free time. Just think: you can play on the bus or train, or in your own home, surrounded by comfort. When you have a free moment at lunch break or other times, Slots Secret is the perfect wind-down activity.

This app has a large variety of high-quality slot machines, including video slots, which are frequently added, and you’re sure to appreciate that every two hours, you get FREE coins, which only make your playing experience better and more advantageous for you. It’s always, also, safe and secure to purchase more coins if you run out, and you can do so through the app on your phone.

So, play Slots Secret, and download the app today. If you follow Slots Secret on Facebook, too, you’ll get the utmost in business service and, as a customer, you don’t want to miss out on this. So, be sure to download the app for all that you can enjoy in your free time.

Konami Slots App Review

konami-slotsThe name Konami has been in the gaming community for almost as long as the business itself has existed. They are responsible, as a company, for a number of memorable products such as the Contra series for home gaming systems and a number of action and adventure games. Konami takes a new spin on gaming with its release of Konami Slots, a virtual casino experience that is not only visually stunning but contains an excellent control scheme and offers hours of entertainment to those who are wanting to give it a shot.

Konami Slots offers multiple casino game experiences for you to enjoy, all for free and at your fingertips. You will receive the same experience as you would be visiting Las Vegas, although you can save the gas money or the plane ticket to get there and try your luck at getting a jackpot while sitting on the couch within the comfort of your own home. This level of versatility and fun makes Konami Slots an essential choice for any fans of casino style games, and this probably has a lot to do with why it is rated as one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store, the Apple Store and other mobile download networks.

One of the best aspects of Konami Slots is the fact that you can win rewards without having to risk anything yourself. Every game that this application features is free to play, but you can potentially win rewards from restaurants, shows and resorts. The program is constantly being updated with new slot machines, making each time you open it a possible new gaming experience. Every slot machine is designed with vibrant colors and dazzling displays which tantalize your senses and make the gaming experience as quality as possible for you to enjoy.

With the ability to play a potentially endless number of slot machines, rewards from top end shows, events, and restaurants, and the idea that casino gaming can be free and enjoyed in your own home all make Konami Slots the ultimate in mobile casino game entertainment. Download this application today and enjoy the ride!

Las Vegas Pocket Guide

Las Vegas AppSo you are on your way to Las Vegas. That is great. You will probably remember it as one of the most exciting times of your life. When people think of the epitome of the party scene, they think of cities such as Las Vegas. It is the place to go when you need to get away from the stress of your life. If you are ready to consume yourself in entertainment and fun, then you are probably on your way to Las Vegas. However, many visitors have a lot of trouble navigating through the city and finding the activities in which they would like to indulge. That is why the Las Vegas PocketGuide app is so helpful.

Tour Guides
It used to be that if you wanted to learn about the city and see the sights, you would actually need to hire a tour guide. Well, that is no longer necessary with the advent of the Internet. All of the information that you could want is available online. However, the Las Vegas PocketGuide consolidates all of that information. It provides access to hundreds of tours provided by local experts. You can ensure that you do not miss out on anything during your trip!

Find Locations
If you had to actively decide where to eat and what to do every day, that would probably consume your entire day. You should not have to spend time worrying about logistics. You should be able to enjoy yourself without that sort of thing constantly burdening you. That can even ruin a vacation. That is why the PocketGuide will recommend restaurants, events and activities based on the criteria that you submit. Let the app do the thinking for you. You can sit back and enjoy your trip to Las Vegas.

Accessible Offline
You are out of the range of WiFi and your cell phone has run out of data. What options do you have? All of the information that you need was in the PocketGuide App, which you used via the Internet. Well, you do not need to worry. All of that data is saved to the app. You do not need to connect to the Internet. It has total functionality even while it is offline. There is even an offline map so that you can navigate through the city without worrying that you might get lost.

Share With Friends
You want to share your experience with the people that you know. That is why people take pictures when they are out and share them on social media. They want to preserve these memories and let other people see them as well. The PocketGuide allows you to optimize this. It has a feature that automatically creates a 3D video of the experiences that you and your friends had throughout your trip. Then you can share that video to social media. Do not settle for a few pictures! PocketGuide will let you make the most out of your vacation.

Viber Wild Luck Slots App Review

Viber Wild Luck SlotsYou can bring the casino experience home. People are often conflicted about whether they want to go to the casino. While they know that they will have a lot of fun, it is a hassle to leave the house, especially after a long day at work. The last thing that you want to do is get yourself ready and go out. That is why so many people have been consumed in the Viber Wild Luck Slots App. You can have all of the experience that you would have at the casino, right in your living room. Sit on your phone and enjoy the casino.

The Atmosphere
Of course, you are probably concerned that your home does not have the atmosphere of the casino. It does not have the lighting, the music, the sounds and the general aura that one encounters when they go to the casino. The developers with the Viber Wild Luck Slots app have recognized this complaint that people have with other apps, and they have worked to overcome it. It has a number of sounds and effects that sound like the casino. This will help to develop the atmosphere that the casino provides.

Big Wins
Something frustrating about going to the casino is that you never actually win anything. While you will spend a lot of time at the casino, you will not come away with the big win that you wanted. Well, the Viper Wild Luck Slots App has several big wins built-in to the game. Developers have recognized that if more people win the game, more will play, and therefore there will be more revenue. So, everybody wins. Many people continue playing this game precisely because of how much they have won. If you want to win big, this is the game for you.

Many Options
Of course, you do not want to play the same game all of the time. That can become rather tedious and boring. You begin to wonder what the point is and why you should bother doing this at all. You need diversity in your gaming experience. That is why you would go out to the casino in the first place. If an app does not offer that, then the casino clearly has an advantage. But the Viper Wild Luck Slots app does offer that. It has a wide range of games and more are constantly being added.

Black Diamond Casino is Fun and Addicting!

Black Diamond CasinoBlack Diamond Casino is extremely easy to download onto your Android. The first thing that you will receive is a free gift of six hundred thousand coins, and a free spin gem. Next, you will notice that in the bottom right corner of your screen you can connect to Facebook to gain 3 million coins. You do not need to connect to Facebook, but why wouldn’t you?

Ok. Now the fun starts! Choose your slot machine to play. You have seventeen slots to choose from, and each one has its own special feature. The hidden dagger game looks fun, has great graphics, wilds, and 2 different bonuses! while spinning you can collect daggers one at a time until you fill up the special bar and activate the dagger bonus.

What challenge or incentive does this game provide? With every spin you get more experience, and when you level up you can lot of coins, and eventually you will gain enough levels to open up another slot machine. Some machines require you to be level 5, or 10 to play them, while some require you to be at least level 15 to play, giving you plenty of incentive to return again and again.

Should you invest real money into this game? It is definitely worth the money you spend. There are many two times sales where you can get 4 million coins for just $1.99, and with so many games costing less than 25,000 per spin, you will have weeks’ worth of fun. Of course there is always the possibility that your 4 million coins can turn into 80 million coins, and that kind of fun is worth more than just $1.99.

The sound, and visual quality of each slot machine, and the selection screen is great. You will consistently have high quality sound, without any skips or other problems. You will also never see any random flashes, or colors on your screen.

The rewards that Black Diamond slots give its players is great, not only do you receive the free coins, and new slots from leveling up, but you also receive V.I.P. points. the V.I.P. status that you have given you an extra percentage of coins that you purchase giving you more chances to get the amazing win you want! Come play today what are you waiting for!?

Dreamboard – Dreaming App Review

DreamboardDream logging is an old hobby but technological advances make it a more precise hobby these days with the likes of Dreamboard, a wildly entertaining mobile application available in the iTunes store for free download. This is truly the platform of your dreams if you enjoy keeping track of your night time adventure. Using years of research from the world’s leading psychologists, Dreamboard allows you to log your dreams and analyze them in a whole new way.

Highlights and Features

– Journal your dreams: This is a journal unlike any other. Go deep inside the hidden parts of your mind by keeping a dream diary with Dreamboard. Write all about your nighttime adventures and truly get to the heart of what you’re dreaming about.

– Nightmare analysis: No one likes nightmares but after they’re over, Dreamboard can help you make sense of them. Sleep tracker analysis allows for a wealth of sleep analysis that sheds insight onto what you’re having nightmares about.

– Get emotional: The emotional life of any human being is a fascinating thing to analyze and study. Dreamboard helps you put your emotions on paper so that you understand them more clearly in an organized setting. You can look forward to narration of your “story” as well, which gives you a more concrete way to live out the dreams you have while you sleep.

– Easy recording: It’s easy to record your dreams with Dreamboard. It takes a matter of mere seconds to jot them down on this handy application.

– In-depth analysis: Graphs are a big part of what makes Dreamboard so thorough. They give you an overall clearer picture of the types of dreams you’re having and how they fit into your overall life. It’s an exercise in mixing the realm of waking with the realm of sleep and it makes for a fascinating read.

There’s so much more to explore in this novel application. Nighttime dreams can have waking consequences, so it’s fascinating to sit down and see concrete evidence of the realness of your subconscious life playing out in an application before you. This application is founded upon the solid principles of years’ worth of sleep studies and research, making it as scientifically sound as anything about dreams can possibly be. You’ll love going through your dream stories one by one and looking back over year’s worth of dreams played out on this thrilling application.

Cascade from the iTunes App Store

CascadeShowcase your matching skills and talents with the all-new Cascade gaming app from the iTunes App Store. This unique game takes you through 27 different levels that increasingly become more difficult. If you get lost along the way, you have your mole friend to dig you out of a hole. Let’s dig a little deeper into this game and see what makes it so popular.


The game begins on level one with a little instructional display on how the game works and how to play. You go through levels trying to match up colored jewels with their counterparts by switching out the pieces that don’t match. Match three or more to receive points and create a cascade when you successfully match all parts. There are also rainbow colored jewels that can take the shape and form of any of the on your playing board. As the game progresses you will find an increase in number of moves needed to complete a level and an increased number of different colored jewels. You gain credits as you go along which can be used for level upgrades and helping you when you get stuck on a level. The farther you get into the game the more strategic it becomes. Recommended gameplay is for those ages 10 and up, due to increasing difficulties. You can also connect your device with friends and challenge them to timed level competitions and other contests.


This app is made available through the iTunes App store. Download is free and completes rather quickly with a secure connection. You will want to have an Apple device or have a device that will support the use of the iTunes App store in order to play. There are various in-app purchases such as a coins package or an extra lives package. Purchasing the in-app items can be useful in order to succeed in a quicker fashion, but are not necessary to your success in the game.


Do you have what it takes to match all the jewels and get your mole to his desired location? Take the journey today and experience the rush of each level. Enjoy the many bonus features that accompany you in your journey and you’ll have your little friend there in no time at all. Download Cascade today and begin your journey.